Your Name Says A Lot About You

What is in the meaning behind any name? Whether it be Bob, Mary, or Jacob. Is there a special meaning behind those names? Of course there is. Names are chosen and given with the high hopes and dreams of the parents. They want their children to exceed what they couldn't, to be someone who makes an impact, to have more education than themselves, to be successful where they couldn't be, and to make a difference.

Names are given to us yet what we choose to do is up to us. Whether if we choose to live up the name we are given or make wise decisions to shape our lives the right way is up to us. We could have the most prestige and honorable name that a great king or famous person once had but if we make poor decisions or if our upbringing experiences are terrible then it should be up to us to come out stronger and a better person than our past.

Our names map our lives, our decisions shape how that map turns out. Whatever we do...we do it to ourselves.

In asian cultures, names have much more deeper symbolic meanings than other cultures. Because of how many different ways a chinese character can be written, how one extra mark could give the character an entirely different meaning. They pride themselves on giving their children names that have deep and meaningful purposes in hopes that their children will live up to the name given to them.

It is frightening to see how something as simple as a name acts as the backbone or should I say the foundation of a person. You may not believe it but I have seen many friends and family crumble under life or strive in life  because of a decision they made which resonates with their names meaning. So yes one's name lays down the map of one's life. It's a blank map with a starting point and ending point of where we would end up if we make the right choices but what we cannot predict is what decisions we make.

A name can fall either way. It can aid us and with the choices we make we can strive in life with not only our own work but more so because of our name. It can also give us all the ugliness of life because we chose to go in the opposite direction that it meant for us to go in and give us endless trials and burdens to carry. All of it has to do with our upbringing and mentality that we have as person.

Names are never as simple as we may assume. It is not just a way of addressing someone.


  1. Hi, this reminds me of numerology. The letters seem to relate to numbers which have a specific vibration and life path etc, you might find it interesting.


  3. nice article! i thinked also often about the deeper symbolic of names!


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