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What Is A Promise to A Friend?

"When you make a solemn promise to a friend, it ain’t right to go back on it. Never let your friend down, never break a trust, and when you give your word, never go back on it." Lauren Myracle, Bliss (via simply-quotes)

In my experience and as a friend, I only make promises that I know I will keep for a long time regardless of the length of time or circumstances. It's not easy to make friends for some people and when you meet a friend and make promises, don't promise people promises light because if one day you regret it then you are not only hurting yourself, your friend but also someone who really cares for you. 
Maybe it's because my mother would make promises and then back out of it when it lands in front of us. A promise she may have made an hour ago could be revoked in three hours. I find that so irritating and it's like getting your joy and hopes up just to have you fall down from the clouds. That is why when I make friends and say things that are a pr…

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