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Living Your Life

I suddenly thought of this today and wanted to share my thoughts on it. What is the first thing that comes into your head when you think of ‘live your lives’? We say it to everyone who seems to be stuck in a certain place or situation too long and we just say it as a way of encouragement for them to get moving.
However, I feel that as encouraging those words are…everyone is different. Not everyone wants to live an exciting life or a life full of adventure and risks. That does mean those people have not tasted the flavors of life or led boring lives with a lack of color. Every life has its own course and it’s own agenda that is usually decided by our own hands and mentality. Some just want a calm and peaceful life with as little obstacles as possible. Some want a life so full of color and vibrancy and drama that that may be the only way they feel important and above everyone else.
Living your life may be as simple as following your dreams of becoming an artist or a mentor to someone.…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone I know and don't. Happy Thanksgiving to every breathing being that walks on this place we call home though we are scattered across the globe...we still share the same sky. 
I am thankful for a lot this year. I've learned a lot this year. I believe that age is only a number we say but it is life and what life does to us that makes us really grow, change, mature, become stronger, become who we are. I've felt that of everything that has happened since I was a kid to now and seen everyday of my life has turned me into an 80 year old elderly woman. Nothing much can faze me much. 
I am thankful for being soon 27 this year. Thankful for still being so young and my entire life is still ahead of me and it has a limitless amount of opportunities and possibilities waiting for me to chase. I've already chased my dream for so long but this year I tried twice as hard and it was fruitful. I am thankful for having a pretty healthy life for these 27 year…

Creative People Have It Hardest

One of my friends is going through a rough time at work and his situation made me want to write a blog post on the matter myself since I am also within that same field. I feel that out of all the professions and types of fields out there for people to choose to go into and study…the arts field has the people with the most personality and sharpest minds.
People who study arts are creative, inspirational, wacky, and sharp. They have the most open minds and hearts that I have ever met. They have the most intense amount of knowledge on the craziest things and they are deep thinkers who tend to not be very talkative because they spend most time in their heads (That’s how I am anyway)! Their morals and opinions are a different plane of others. These creative artists sound pretty amazing and nice to be around right?
Wrong! The one thing creative people can never stand is having someone who is pushy, bossy, and insults them. Creative people are human too! They use their brains as much as a…


There are many things that we don’t want others to know no matter how good a friend we have. That’s where journaling kicks in and I started a long time ago when I was a kid. I guess it was because I’ve been the only kid in the house and my mom was never home. It was so quiet and I had no company but books and paper and pens. I started writing very horrible poetry around seven or either. I started writing journal entries whenever I was upset by something that happened at home or school.
Journaling became an essential part of my daily life. I carried my journal everywhere with me. I wished during my childhood days they had already came up with Wreck This Journal, I would have brought every single one of them and went nuts. I decorated my own journals at first with sharpies then markers and then started doing this horrible sketches of failed cartoon characters on them or sticking these random stickers I found around the house from food products or the ones that come in the mail. My thi…

Human Emotions Cause Us to Lose Ourselves

In response to:
+Mallika Padhi
(She has an amazing blog and really meaningful writing. Please check her out) 
In previous posts, I have mentioned how human emotions can drive us to actions that we usually wouldn't do if emotions didn't play such a strong part in the process. Emotions can cause us to take risks and lay high stakes for ourselves that we usually wouldn't be willing to attempt or do. Ambitions drive us to disregard what happens to those around us whether we know them or not. Personal gain turns us into selfish people. Hate turns us into a negative and stubborn person with a narrow mind and view on everything. Jealousy drives us to do dangerous things that can harm others. Love can be so beautiful and yet so frightening at the same time causing people to become too dedicated or devoted and blinded by that passion. Pain and loss strikes up reven…

True Forgiveness: We Were All Nice Once...But Life Changes Us.

Recently-I’ve been talking to a friend about how being a nice person all the time would get nowhere and others would step and use you. I do believe that the majority of us were originally kindhearted children and as we experience more in life and grow up we change. We change because we’ve gotten tired of being stepped on, changed because we no longer wanted to get used, changed because we were tired of being taken for granted. It’s understandable because we are all human after all. It will never always be others taking things from us and we never wanting anything in return. Life makes us change and forces us to change who we are originally were so we can better protect ourselves.
I don’t disagree with my friend. Everyone deals with this differently and evolve through life experiences differently. I’ll share my intake on this. I’ve been taken advantage of, I’ve been pushed around, stepped on, used, and disregarded in school and growing up. I’ve been through horrible tragedies at home s…

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