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True Forgiveness: We Were All Nice Once...But Life Changes Us.

Recently-I’ve been talking to a friend about how being a nice person all the time would get nowhere and others would step and use you. I do believe that the majority of us were originally kindhearted children and as we experience more in life and grow up we change. We change because we’ve gotten tired of being stepped on, changed because we no longer wanted to get used, changed because we were tired of being taken for granted. It’s understandable because we are all human after all. It will never always be others taking things from us and we never wanting anything in return. Life makes us change and forces us to change who we are originally were so we can better protect ourselves.
I don’t disagree with my friend. Everyone deals with this differently and evolve through life experiences differently. I’ll share my intake on this. I’ve been taken advantage of, I’ve been pushed around, stepped on, used, and disregarded in school and growing up. I’ve been through horrible tragedies at home s…

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