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I've Made a decision that I may regret but it's too late

Sorry for not posting for some time on here. A lot has happened and I haven't been able to have much time to check blogs. Recently, I've made a decision that I may soon come to regret. Sometimes I wonder why I am always making choices too quickly, but it wasn't decided rashly, not when your mother is buzzing at your ear side for hours a day. 
I've decided and have registered for an EMT class that will start in January of next year. Those who know me will be like 'what the heck? Are you out of your mind?' But, yeah I wanna yell like that at myself too. I dunno, lately, I've been thinking---everyday like is this a job I want to do? A girl who cries help at math and science for the last 13+ schooling years in her life? It's a very honorable job to have, an injured person's life is in your hands as first responder. 
However, I do remember how much fun and interesting it was to take that college biology class at my old college. I really enjoyed reading …

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