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Life Is Not A Competition

Life is not a competition but it is certainly a natural instinct in every living being. Animals fight over the leadership of a pack or herd. They fight over the last bite of food and land just as we do. We are not that different from animals. We also compete against one another to surpass one another, to fight over leadership and glory. It's all a natural instinct we all have. I have never understood competition. I mean just do your best and it will show through all your work and effort. Why pit yourself against someone else? 
I guess it motivates you to reach higher, set higher goals every single time and that's an amazing thing but it also destroys friendship and tears families apart. Recently, I was reminded of how terrible family competition is. Have you guys ever had your parents constantly compare you to another cousin or nephew or niece? How they are always jealous when a cousin is better off in life than you are probably? 
Life is not a competition. Life is just a jou…

A Practice

Writing Prompt:
The most common thing I believe humans tend to overlook is what they already have given it be: the newest smartphone, the newest fridge, the most expensive car and the list goes on. At the same time, that makes us never satisfied with what we already have and causes us to develop intensive urges of wanting and annoyance when we don't get something we want. Yet, once we have something that we've been wanting for a long time, many--not everyone tend to take it for granted and see it as not as important anymore. 
We should all practice this art and take a few minutes out of each day and learn to be grateful for having what we have. Family, friends, coworkers, a job, a roof over our heads, a phone, enough clothes to last us through all four seasons, a car, a working body. What would do if you lost the one you love the most, your parents, your job- ? No one ever thought they could lose some of these things because i…

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