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Coffee Talk: Becoming a Morning Person

Coffee Talk: Becoming a Morning Person

"We want to know, how have you become better at tackling the mornings? Do you have a certain routine that gets you going? Is it exercising in the morning? Your breakfast? If you are morning person, what advice can you give to those of us who aren’t?"
Hum, I have always been a morning person since i was around nine years old. I don't know, it just happened all so naturally in my opinion. I never had a naughty side or rebellious attitude. When my mom told me to get up, I got up and went to the living room at 4 am each morning as she locked up the doors to the kitchen and the other bedrooms. Breakfast was always noodles or oatmeal in a thermos mug. She would bid me goodbye and be out the door at 5 am. I am so adapted to it right now that even as an adult, I can never sleep past 5 am unless i am dead tired from the night before. I am fully awake, though a bit slow and completely ready to do productive things. I read and write at 5 in the …

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