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Amazon, Whole Foods, Online Versus Physically Going Out To Purchase

A lot of people are upset and stunned by the news of Amazon buying Whole Foods. Even though they said that Whole Foods will still be a chain of stores and operate. Many claim it's a tactic that Amazon is using to promote and push its new Amazon Fresh program. It is still upsetting to see another traditional store being bought by a company which thrives through online purchasing. Being in the retail industry myself- I can say that this is going to have an effect on fellow coworkers and the whole   retail industry itself. Everyone is worried for their jobs and how long can they stay afloat with their companies.

And when the news of Amazon buying Whole Foods was known worldwide, stocks for all the major grocery chains plummeted and are still struggling. Scary but not surprising how the action of one company can cause such a ripple through grocery chains that have been around for forever.

Whether or not grocery stores will disappear for good would be hard to tell, I feel that they wo…

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