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The Difference In Times

Generation is such a powerful word. It divides not only a family into sections but also divides morals, values, and culture. It is so frightening and surreal for everyone. The gap between each generation runs far deeper and has a far  greater effect on the human mind that we thought. Recently, I had a very insightful conversation with an old friend about how much times have changed now compared to back in our childhood days. This shows us how frightening technology can be, how culture, war, and politics can shift and change and shape an entire generation. 
The thing that has impacted many of generations the most has been the evolution of technology. I remember when I was young-- television, radios, Walkmans, and cassette players were such a huge thing. It was fun to just sit by a radio at dinner time with your parents and listen to the news or stories that were told over the radio. It was something you could share and do together as a family. You would enjoy a good soap opera on tele…


I have always been a huge history dork especially when it comes to asian history. I have never thought that there would be stores selling priceless and timeless valuables that people have managed to find and collect and sell to these stores for others to enjoy and treasure. When I met my boyfriend, one of the topics we talked about was antiquing. 
I still remember the first antique shop we explored together and we both found a animatronic dog that played the drums and its eyes would light up. The owner said it was a 1950's Japan made toy. That was very fascinating to learn. The store had a lot of amazing things with some many stories and history to it. I got that toy and gave it to my boyfriend as a gift which left him speechless. To this day he values that animatronic dog and all the other antiques he has with all the care and love he has. 
Antiques started as ordinary things when they first came out. They probably were used on a daily basis and enjoyed by the very first owners.…

Life Is Not A Competition

Life is not a competition but it is certainly a natural instinct in every living being. Animals fight over the leadership of a pack or herd. They fight over the last bite of food and land just as we do. We are not that different from animals. We also compete against one another to surpass one another, to fight over leadership and glory. It's all a natural instinct we all have. I have never understood competition. I mean just do your best and it will show through all your work and effort. Why pit yourself against someone else? 
I guess it motivates you to reach higher, set higher goals every single time and that's an amazing thing but it also destroys friendship and tears families apart. Recently, I was reminded of how terrible family competition is. Have you guys ever had your parents constantly compare you to another cousin or nephew or niece? How they are always jealous when a cousin is better off in life than you are probably? 
Life is not a competition. Life is just a jou…

A Practice

Writing Prompt:
The most common thing I believe humans tend to overlook is what they already have given it be: the newest smartphone, the newest fridge, the most expensive car and the list goes on. At the same time, that makes us never satisfied with what we already have and causes us to develop intensive urges of wanting and annoyance when we don't get something we want. Yet, once we have something that we've been wanting for a long time, many--not everyone tend to take it for granted and see it as not as important anymore. 
We should all practice this art and take a few minutes out of each day and learn to be grateful for having what we have. Family, friends, coworkers, a job, a roof over our heads, a phone, enough clothes to last us through all four seasons, a car, a working body. What would do if you lost the one you love the most, your parents, your job- ? No one ever thought they could lose some of these things because i…

New Blog Is Up

New Blog:

Hello, everyone!!!! I apologize for being so behind with the upkeep of my blog. I recently got a job promotion at work which means longer hours and more exhausted me, yay. Anyways, because of the long hours-- I haven't had time to maintain my blog, read, or work on my own novels anymore which is sad. I feel as if my purpose is home to work, work to home, home - work, work - home every single week. 
Nothing is more torturing than not being able to savor the thrill of reading a new book or working on my own writing. However, because of some people around me who still find time to do what they like to do after work. I have decided to do my best to pick this back up and keep flying forward. But I cannot find motivation to work on my story. 
So I decided to start up a new blog which would mainly be me writing little story snippets based off writing prompts to help me boost my creativity and hopefully allow me to overcome my writer'…

Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark...A Threat?

Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Jon have all undergone amazing character developments in the show and the books. They all underwent the pain of losing their father, their mother, and elder brother. I don't believe I can say that any one of them suffered any less than the others or experienced less of life than the others. All of them have fought for survival, felt fear choke at their throats everyday, and pulled through with scars that will follow them for a life time. They'd all grown from innocent children when they were at Winterfell into adults who are weary and exhausted of the burdens they carry, their stories, their nightmares, and emotional torment. In Game of Thrones, there is no sweet and icky sweet love for these poor characters, there is only trying to outwit their enemies, the thirst for revenge and the thirst for survival against enemies living and dead. 
Today, the main person I wanted to talk about was Sansa. Ever since the beginning of this season, there have been man…

Game of Thrones: War Tactics ~ Cersei and Dany

Photo credits: HBO/Entertainment 
"I never thought dragons would exist again. No one did. The people who follow you know that you made something impossible happen. Maybe that helps them believe that you can make other impossible things happen. Build a world that's different from the shit one that they've known. But if you use them to melt castles and burn cities. You're not different. You're just more of the same..."~Jon Snow to Dany 
 Last night's episode was insanely intense and emotional. Again, I must mention how much I love the moments between Jon and Dany. I feel bad for Tyrion in the moment of where Dany seems to become weary of his 'clever ideas' and confronted him about him not wanting his family hurt. Dany probably said that in a moment of anger and frustration which I hope Tyrion understands. 
War tactics are very important in Game of Thrones as we have all seen. I personally feel that the war concepts and strategies in the books are sim…

Game of Thrones: Thoughts on Jon and Dany's Meeting

I think the best part of episode 3 of season 7 of Game of Thrones for me was probably the part where Jon and Dany finally meet after such a long wait. These two that are so similar in terms of events they experienced through their life journey...and finally meeting at Dragonstone covered in scars and wounds of life. 
It was a breath taker moment for me when Jon Snow stepped through those double doors and came into the presence of Dany. Both not aware of all that the other had went through until Tyrion spoke up and shared what Jon went through where Dany told her own experience. The expressions on both of these characters were priceless. They revealed a tiny ounce of what seemed like bewilderment for the other when they learn of the others past but refused to say or express any type of sympathy. Perhaps, this is because they're done feeling sorry for others and showing their true feelings and having it get trampled upon. These both are some the strongest and well developed charact…

Thoughts On Transgender Ban in Military

This sudden piece of news  is causing a lot of controversy and heated arguments across the internet after President Trump tweeted this. There are a ton of people that agree with this ban and believe it should be put in effect immediately and there are also people that wish this will be dismissed. I don't understand why people must discriminate against those who are gay, lesbian, or transgender. We should respect others regardless of their religious beliefs, sex, backgrounds, and so forth. Weren't we taught to respect others in school? Is respecting each other so difficult? 
Is learning to respect someone who is different more difficult than passing a military entrance exam?
Anyone who can pass the military exam and courses are able to be part of the military. I have never taken any military exam or course but I have friends that have and I know it is a treacherous and tormenting experience. It takes a lot of courage, energy, and passion for one to sign up for the military, so…

Pleased To Announce...

Link to the story:  Karmic Beginnings: I am very pleased to announce that I have posted the first chapter of my story on Wattpad to all of you! Those of you that have known me for a very long time know what I have always loved writing, journaling, and reading. I am inseparable from anyone of those things. Some of you also know that for years and years I have been working hard on my dreams to become an acknowledged writer. For years and years, I have been writing from notebook to notebook on story ideas I have come out with from out of the blue. I spent all my free time with my pen grinding on paper, buying stacks of five subject notebooks every year when they are on sale to just use to write my stories in before I switched over to using a computer.  Growing up- there was a lot of objections from family members telling me that I can't become a writer or even attempt because writers make no money unless you break through with some book that will change …

Amazon, Whole Foods, Online Versus Physically Going Out To Purchase

A lot of people are upset and stunned by the news of Amazon buying Whole Foods. Even though they said that Whole Foods will still be a chain of stores and operate. Many claim it's a tactic that Amazon is using to promote and push its new Amazon Fresh program. It is still upsetting to see another traditional store being bought by a company which thrives through online purchasing. Being in the retail industry myself- I can say that this is going to have an effect on fellow coworkers and the whole   retail industry itself. Everyone is worried for their jobs and how long can they stay afloat with their companies.

And when the news of Amazon buying Whole Foods was known worldwide, stocks for all the major grocery chains plummeted and are still struggling. Scary but not surprising how the action of one company can cause such a ripple through grocery chains that have been around for forever.

Whether or not grocery stores will disappear for good would be hard to tell, I feel that they wo…

How Will Samurai Jack End?

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not watched season 5, I highly advise you to turn back right now! Because what I will be talking about, is mainly concerning the last few episodes of Samurai Jack season 5. 
My boyfriend and I have been keeping up with the last season of Samurai Jack ever since it started and with the show finale being this weekend...we are just a bundle of emotions and excitement. To be honest, I have not really watched Samurai Jack prior to season 5. I watched season 1 and 2 and some scattered episodes here and there but nothing too consistent after season 2. 
However, the last two episodes of season 5 have left me in a bundle of aww's and ooo's and anger and woe. I love the bond that was built between Ashi and Jack. It has been an enjoyment to watch how these two came from enemies to comrades, to having romantic feelings for each other in a span of episodes. Watching Ashi struggle and find the right way was heartbreaking but not as much as seeing Jack so direction…

Etiquette On Tone and Phrasing

Think before you speak. I think that is one of the most important rules in life. This applies to where we go and whoever we speak to that was what my aunt once told me. And to speak only when addressed and needed. 
A lot of you may say that's total bologna and you choose to speak when you wish and as you please. Which is fine when the other person you are talking to does not think you are a douche or an arrogant person who has no basic respect and manners for them. 
We see this a lot now when we make calls to doctors' offices, call centers, or any other facility that you make calls to. The person on the other line tend to answer rudely or in a monotone that just tells you that they hate their job or they easily get irritated when you ask them to repeat some thing. Or it may have just been a stressful day. I understand that sometimes the fault doesn't fall only on one side. You may also be losing your patience and temper the longer something gets to be sorted. However, tha…

Catana Comics Is Too Surreal

Please check out Catana Comics works at:  Catana's Facebook Catana's Instagram .

Lately, I have been following a page on Facebook called: Catana Comics that my boyfriend introduced me to. I still remember how he introduced it to me like it was yesterday but ever since then I have been stalking her work closely. I know this is making me sound like a creep but her comics are really cute and realistic. The comments and fans she has are all amazing and they love her work so much so I advise you all to check her out as well! 
When my boyfriend showed me one of her comics, I immediately fell in love and found it so relatable and realistic to how my boyfriend and I are. Most of her comics mirror how he and I are when we are together and it's totally adorable. I told him that I felt like she was sketching out our cute little moments through her comics. 
As I read through the comments on her new posts, everyone said it was so real and how it was exactly was with their significant oth…

American Food Versus Asian Food

Don't get me wrong. I love american food. I love pizzas and the turkey and chicken burgers and stuff. However, one thing I have never understood when we go to eat out is why do american restaurants only serve ice water whereas in asian restaurants they serve hot tea. I never understood that though I always have ice water most of the time. It's refreshing but to even drink that during the winter is kinda yikes. Hot tea is different! It's health beneficial and there are many types of tea and also wakes you up if you are tired and sleepy! If anyone wants to discuss or explain why, I will be more than happy to listen. 

Onto the next rant! Most Chinese foods contain soy sauce because that is the main ingredient for seasoning in Chinese dishes. It's delicious and now that many companies are coming up with low sodium soy sauce that are healthier options for many. Asians typically love their food very bland if it is a home cooked meal. When they eat at a restaurant, they typi…

Poem: Artists

Artists listen, observe, and feel.
A single portrait can cause the world to tremble,
a single story can cause tears of strangers to fall,
a single song can cause memories to resurface.
The power an artist holds in their hand is limitless.

Brushes, pencils, paper, pens, paint, instruments,
such simple tools with such boundless power.

A musician drumming away on their guitar,
a painter guiding their brush across their canvas gracefully,
a writer sitting down and scribbling across a notebook as they observe the scene.
What a sight of unswayed passion and fiery motivation they have.

They are the perfect trio of creation.
They paint the truth, the horror, the joy of life.
They sing the emotions of thoughts.
They write out what others are afraid of saying out loud.
They are the truth tellers of the world.


Easter Poem: Piece for Friend

(This is a short poem written for a close and dear friend whom I call sister for her character on the game DOMO.) Hope you win the contest! 

Running through lush green fields, Losing their footing on the edge of a hill and they fall. Falling into emptiness as mirrors break free of the sky and fall with them. Alice grabs onto her white rabbit’s hand for comfort, Souls united by an ancient force that no one can comprehend, Love so deep that not even God can deny.
Rabbits and pupus fall after them as Alice watched the hill above them continue to collapse. Colorful eggs roll down after them in the decreasing light. Grab all of the eggs that you can! Chocolate, rainbow, mystery ones, grab them all! Before Alice and her white rabbit beat you in the game

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