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Your Rejection May Be A Lifelong Regret

Before you choose to reject someone, you best consider all the possible outcomes that may occur and the effect it'll have in the future. Because the person you may be rejecting, may be the person who you can spend your entire life with and give your everything to. The person who knows you better than you know yourself, sees you clearer than yourself and you can see them in that same way. Two people who has shared a deep bond and connection that can't be easily severed. 
However, it may be the timing is wrong, or because of doubts or uncertainty, we may waver and reject the person. Or it may be having tried to persuade them to change their views, change their way in life, in all hopes for the better, but it turns out in vain. Either way...because of a moment of confusion or whatever the case may be, we choose to reject. 
Because we've rejected them, it becomes a regret that we will sigh back on and reminisce deeply, three, five, ten years from now perhaps. A scar that will…

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