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Funny---Really Funny Thing Is...

Don't you always find it laughable years later that you believed or still believe what you were told about your parents? Because we may not know how to go around to asking them if it was true or not, the question that would always be at the base of our throats, the question that would always be on the top of your mind, the question that would be on the tip of your tongue. Yet, you can't find the courage or strength to spit it out into the air because we are afraid of pouring salt on an old wound.

So--what should we do? Leave it be and not try to prod around on that wound? But what will happen if that doubt and question never finds peace in our conscious? I guess we can't always find the answer to the questions we want answers for, right? But what happens if we hate our parents for what we hear? What if we can't even find the courage to call them 'mom' or 'dad'? Even I don't know the answer to that.

However, maybe we shouldn't dwell on what is p…

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