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Brotherhood in Nirvana in Fire

For you guys who aren't familiar with 琅琊榜 (Nirvana in Fire) please check out this amazing post on Jole Cole's site to get an idea first: and
Now with that out of the way. Let me digress on what makes this series so special that I am anticipating for next year. As the links I provided above said, this is a huge bromance (like leading you believe it is but there are no crazy scenes from the craziest exotic YA book you usually read). 
It's brotherhood, bromance in terms of how much a friendship means regardless of how many years may pass or how much has happened. They stay true to what they shared, what bonds they created in this historical era of China. This series lacks in the heated romance you want to see in YA books or Kdramas, Cdramas, any type of drama.
This series is based on brotherhood and revenge. Being betrayed a…

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