Brotherhood in Nirvana in Fire

For you guys who aren't familiar with 琅琊榜 (Nirvana in Fire) please check out this amazing post on Jole Cole's site to get an idea first: 


Now with that out of the way. Let me digress on what makes this series so special that I am anticipating for next year. As the links I provided above said, this is a huge bromance (like leading you believe it is but there are no crazy scenes from the craziest exotic YA book you usually read). 

It's brotherhood, bromance in terms of how much a friendship means regardless of how many years may pass or how much has happened. They stay true to what they shared, what bonds they created in this historical era of China. This series lacks in the heated romance you want to see in YA books or Kdramas, Cdramas, any type of drama.

This series is based on brotherhood and revenge. Being betrayed and coming back to get revenge and trying to amend severed brotherhood bonds and forging new ones. 


The theme I wanted to discuss is brotherhood and what it means in today's society which many youngsters nowadays take too lightly. I'm a traditionalist or old fashioned some would call me. But what I can say is I am huge on brotherhood in Chinese it's written as 情义。 Maybe it's because I grew up in a family that has never really cared for me other than a few that I tend to see brotherhood as a much more serious bond than most. Friends are family, closer than family to me. 

I would do anything for friends even if I've only known you for a short time. It's not the amount of time that counts but what is exchanged between the two that matters the most. Most friends who have known each other for a life time and yet they don't understand each other at all or willing to go to extreme lengths for them. Yet friends who may have known for only a short period of time would do anything for each other because they know each other so well. 

Youngsters nowadays make friends on a whim of liking the same band or food and that's it. It's just my opinion but they don't know what real brotherhood is. You have to have gone through a lot to understand the price and meaning of it. They abandon you after a small fight of abandon you once they feel you aren't cool enough to hang out with anymore. 

Brotherhood and friendship shouldn't be based on material things but on a firm and strong foundation. I'm not saying something like in the old days where you would take a blow for someone or something but someone who truly understands you and able to be there for you in the good and bad, genuine friends. That's what brotherhood means. 

And Nirvana in Fire portrays that so well in the trailers. Brotherhood and friendship shouldn't be short lived but long lived and able to withstand the cruelty of time and changes of seasons or even if you lost contact and come back with a changed appearance but who you are hasn't changed. That is true brotherhood in no matter what kind of time era. 

You should be open minded, open hearted, accepting, forgiving and sincere if you truly treasure those friends you truly want to keep for a long time. It shouldn't be destroyed easily nor forgotten with the passage of time.


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