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Differences in American Music Versus Asian Music

Music is an amazing gift that the world has given us. We need to be grateful to the amazing sounds and lyrics that musicians and songwriters introduced to us and opened our ears to. Every different country's music range from rap to country to hip-hop, or pure nonsense. I just want to focus on american and asian music today. 
I have always loved American and asian music since I was a child. I always turn to American music when I am bored and want to clear my head. Why is this? Because American music regardless of genre it gives me a very free and mellow feeling. The instruments that are usually used in american music also gives off a very upbeat energy which is why so many people love it. It motivates people to get up and dance. American music is very simple regardless if it is lyrics or rhythm to me. I mostly listen to pop, rock, alternative rock, indie, country, and sometimes blues. People tend to love the rhythm of the music rather than the lyrics. The lyrics are simple and to …

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