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Once A Mistake Is Made

Talking with family always really gets you to think about where you are at in life. Every family has their drama, their bitter moments, sweet moments, difficulties, and messes that are so tangled up that you can't undo the knots. My seventy-eight year old aunt and I sat down today and had a nice long talk about life and where I have to go from here. I love my aunt, she is so gentle, and direct with what she has to say. There is no hiding or anything from her.

I learned some really terrible things about some family members today. All of this may have started when the elder generation made a decision that would be considered to be rejected by society and against the laws of nature. After, that family member committed that act, the generations that follow all suffered from their mistake. They must pay the price of those before them. Do you believe in that? I didn't until I heard what my aunt told me today.

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