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Us Against Nature

Have you ever wondered how small we are in front of the force of nature? I took this photo when my mom was under this beautiful tree trying to pick a branch to bring home. See how the branches all lash out like a huge umbrella or a young kid stretching out their hands and legs freely? How long has it been have we, adults, been able to stretch back and grow and relax. How long has it been since we accepted that we will one day grow old and wither away. How long has it been that we must fight under the blazing sun to sprout and plant down firm roots?
Humans if compared to nature are fragile beings. Humans break down and fall down even more times than nature does. Yet they never fully recover. Nature does. It recovers and is reborn again and again endlessly in a new place or old. They don't give in or give up in weather or if they are stripped of their leaves or bulbs. They continue to bloom, fight to stay bloomed in the roughest storms and temperatures because they want to shine.

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