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Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Just finished this book a few moments ago. It's definitely a book that I couldn't put down when I picked it up yesterday. It's a fairly easy read being play format and though it lacks was still a heart wrenching and amazing addition to the series. 
I'll be careful to not give any spoilers so those of you who stumble upon this post and have not read the book won't be spoiled. If you were expecting a ton of action and seeing all of your favorite characters back with the same fearlessness and taste for adventure as the previous books then you are mistaken. I feel that that's what many of us were expecting, a type of new beginning or pickup with a brand new arc. 
This book is different, set nineteen years after the battle where the main characters are now all settled with families and careers. It was fascinating to see the transition of what nineteen years can do to these characters we love so much. The book revolves mostly on Harry's youngest son, …

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