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Goji Berries and Dried Chrysanthemum

Today-I felt like doing a post on health for this elf you who probably read documents all day, or sit in front of a computer all day. or work in a factory all day. This is a little recipe my aunt and my mom followed for most of their lifetime. You would take a hand full of dried goji berries and two handfuls of dried chrysanthemums and mix it with hot water. Of course, the amount of each is to your liking and not required to be a certain amount. 
This special tea is very beneficial to improving eyesight and can purify toxins from the liver. 
Goji berries can be eaten raw as well just soak them in some warm water to make them soft and then you can eat them. They help regulate diabetes and blood pressure as well. The thing I adore most about them is they come with a very faint sweetness so you don't even have to worry about it being bitter or tasting weird. They are pricey though but for a better health and lifestyle this is something that worth spending money on. 
Dried chrysanthe…

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