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Relationship deal breakers...

Coffee Talk: Relationship Deal Breakers

Smoking is the first main thing I cannot stand. 

 I have broken off with a guy my mom set me up with because he made so many assumptions when I didn't reply to his text or return his phone calls. I got so mad. Because first of all assumptions are a bad habit, secondly, don't assume anything about someone you don't even really know? I can withstand a lot about any guy. I mean as long as you don't smoke, you're not a jackass, it's all good, right? 

However, when you start making assumptions when I didn't reply to your text for a few hours is ridiculous. I am busy and my life doesn't revolve around you. I have my own circle of friends and own way of doing things. I just got so mad at him and you wouldn't believe the assumptions he was coming up with. 

The third thing I cannot stand is a paranoid mother. His mother. They are freaky and stressful to face. That was the type of mother my ex had and boy did it end in a cr…

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