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Controversy on ‘Are You Beach Body Ready?’

When I turned on the news and heard about this ad showing this perfect model as the mascot, I immediately thought: ‘oh no…here we go again once summer comes around.’ I cannot fathom on how much emphasis society puts on how girls are supposed to appear and what body type is considered acceptable in the eyes of society. We see this more than enough in Disney movies such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. Young girls are taught at a young age what is an acceptable and desirable body type to men. I don’t care if companies put these ads and portray women to encourage women to be more self-conscious of their appearances or setting standards. I just know that every woman no matter of what shape or size they are, are beautiful in someone’s eyes.
I loved how so many voices of women sparked up across social media platforms and posted pictures of them in bikinis and being proud of how their bodies were. The phrase in the ad itself was highly offensive. It isn’t much different …

Conveniency and Technology is Ruining the Generations to Come.

Businesses and technology has been taking over the world of humans! Maybe that opening line was a bit extreme; however, I only speak the truth on here, as many of you know. I like wandering around stores whenever I’m off and I’m in the store doing other shopping. The thing that never ceases to amaze me when I go strolling through stores is how rapidly technology is progressing and turning simple tasks we do at home into something even simpler. Many products ranging from slicers, peelers, to coffee makers, and the list just have no end. Many businesses have also many things easier for youngsters these days. Great examples of this are already washed and peeled vegetables, prepped meals, sandwiches, and etc.
Yes, everyone wants the easy way through life and claim they have no time to sit down and enjoy a good meal or cook, or have the time to even prep ingredients for someone else to cook for them.I would say I have to blame technology for this because it also plays a major role from h…

Online Dating Thoughts

Online dating is such a controversial topic for many people. At the same time, it is also the only option that many busy adults have due to crazy work schedules and lives. Not every single adult works a 9-5 shift for five days a week. We don’t have time to go out and meet people. Sometimes all we want is a person who will fall for us, talk to us, capture our hearts and attention and yet it seems so difficult for us to come across that in real life.Online dating may be unsafe, but I feel as long as we are careful and watch who we trust then it shouldn’t be an issue.
Many people think online dating is a dangerous and risky way of meeting people because you don’t know what their motivates are or if that’s how they really look like. You have to be careful of scammers, of bad people, and stalkers. However, online dating may be the only way for people who are naturally introverted or not as outgoing as they are in person. Online dating isn’t for everyone and I argue that it doesn’t take any…

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