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Humidity Is Driving Me Insane

Apologies to my beloved blog first of all! Summer classes have started and I been feeling a bit overloaded lately so I neglected you! I apologize! I wanted to vent out today because the weather temperature just spiked up like ten degrees again after we were given two days of cool mid 60's. I get very lazy and irritated in the summer once the temperature gets humid and sticky and blahhh. 
We are supposed to get into the 90's over the weekend and I am totally crying out for help. I am a December born baby and I am not anti-summer that much. As long as it doesn't get past the 80 degrees mark, I can handle it pretty well. Once it does and given we don't have an a/c in the house, it will be a live oven in here. Taking showers every hour, being glued to the tower fan, sucking on ice cubes. 
How can anyone love summer so much? It's just an annoying and irritating season of the year once it stretches out to its full temperatures. I want to live somewhere where it's mi…

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