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Conveniency and Technology is Ruining the Generations to Come.

Businesses and technology has been taking over the world of humans! Maybe that opening line was a bit extreme; however, I only speak the truth on here, as many of you know. I like wandering around stores whenever I’m off and I’m in the store doing other shopping. The thing that never ceases to amaze me when I go strolling through stores is how rapidly technology is progressing and turning simple tasks we do at home into something even simpler. Many products ranging from slicers, peelers, to coffee makers, and the list just have no end. Many businesses have also many things easier for youngsters these days. Great examples of this are already washed and peeled vegetables, prepped meals, sandwiches, and etc.
Yes, everyone wants the easy way through life and claim they have no time to sit down and enjoy a good meal or cook, or have the time to even prep ingredients for someone else to cook for them.I would say I have to blame technology for this because it also plays a major role from h…

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