Thursday, February 9, 2017

A World in Flames

I was very reluctant on whether or not I wanted to blog after seeing the outcome of the Presidential Election. Mainly, the reason I have't felt up to blogging much at all is because of how fed up with current events that have occurred in the country and around the world. 

The earth was given to humanity as a place for them call home. A place where they were able to settle and grow roots in, start families, careers, live their lives in peace and harmony with one another. However, we allowed our greed, self-desires to ruin that peace and ruin the gift that was given to us. 

Our own intellect, our own opinions, our own morals, our own logic, our own choices brought us to where we stand today as a country. No one put a gun to anyone's head and forced them to vote for Trump. No one pulled threats. Those that chose to vote for Trump did so on their own accord. It pains me to see how many Americans still love Trump despite of the stuff he has already set in motion and caused. 

I want to say something that may seem inappropriate but....I see all humans as matches in this situation right now and the way Trump has been doing things has lit every single one of us up and we have set the world to flames. 

Complaining won't help the situation. Protesting will only cause more violence and brutality. It's best to focus on our own lives and make sure we live every moment to its fullest and meditate to calm ourselves and wish for the best.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Little Advice...

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been going through a lot at work and in my personal life so please forgive me. I will definitely try to post more often. 

I just wanted to share some good news with everyone that hasn't heard yet and that is I have finally found my other half. Yes, that other half that I always complained about on here and in my journals that I would never found or I thought I had found but it was only a mistake. I am glad to have met the person I have always ranted about in my journals, who has to be a gentleman, kind, caring, big and open hearted, considerate, smart, and dedicated. That sounds like a fantasized character right? But they are real. They do exist. That is my advice to everyone of you. It all depends on a matter of timing, setting, and meeting the right person there and being prepared yourself. 

I always used to think that true love is something that you have to chase after before it slips out between your fingers. It's a constant chasing game and that is how the media portrays it most of the time so I have been constantly chasing guys that I liked for many many years. That was until I met my other half...that I came to realize that true love isn't about pursuing. If two people are meant to be together, then even if they live thousands of miles apart...they will find each other over the billions of heads through fate or through chance. That was what happened to me. Distance doesn't matter before two people who are meant to be. As cheesy as this may sound, in other words soulmates. Nothing can compete with that tug and shared wavelength or bond whatever you may choose to call it. Everything will just fall into place without much effort.

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't still work hard or hold onto them tightly just because of all the past experiences I have been through...all the heartbreak and failures. I've come to treasure things that fall perfectly into place far more than things I had to chase after. Many of you many be asking why? Something that you gained without much effort isn't worth maintaining or preserving. I will say that that is very wrong. Because we did work for it, we worked through so many hardships, life lessons, so many highs and lows of life through the years until we reached a turning point of things falling into place for us. We've paid horrendous prices and experienced painful pasts to reach where we are now and to meet who is meant for us. 

Everyone's path in life is different some get very lucky and do not have to suffer in order to find the right person for them, some not as lucky have to go through rings of hell and back before finally meeting the right person, and some people never meet the right one. 

I like to think that each of us have to be broken first and then reborn when we drag ourselves out of that wreckage of the past into a sometimes better or worse person, who knows right? Only then are we prepared to meet the right person for us and they must also have gone through some sort of breaking and rebirth to be ready for the right person. 

Chasing is only a societal norm media implants into everyone at a young age to do. But you want to sit back and think how long did the relationships where you had to chase someone actually last? I am not saying chasing won't let you find true love but in my experience that has been happened or turned out well. 

Allowing things to just happen and fall into place- to go at its natural order...and the right one will just appear before you and you will know right away that that person is the one. 

Don't make things seem forceful, don't have selfish desires, don't keep thinking about yourself...let go and just let things on its own way and order and you will bump into the right one sooner or later. Leave things up to God...Buddha or some higher power you may believe in because they won't ever steer you wrong. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Reaction to: Presidential Election 2016


A Chinese philosopher in the Ming dynasty once predicted that: "people will invent ships that fly in the sky. a cent a pound of rice no one is around to buy, people will walk around barefooted, streets deserted with no human life."

My aunt used to recite this everyday when she was alive. She said ships in the sky was airplanes and now all that is left to come true is the last three things . Vote for a tyrant to govern a land and there will be slaughter and deportation and even if everything was free .... there is no one who will take it.

I remember we had to read 1984 by George Orwell in high school and to this day it's one of the most influential books in my memory. And I hate to say this but it's starting to come true slowly as well. Big Brother is already upon us. 

You know what... I hate to say this but I kinda foresaw this coming.... no one likes Hilary. We should all know that by now. She has her supporters but there are always going to be haters out there. And when all of the unethical stuff started coming into the light and people called her a warmonger.... I knew it was over. 

What's funny is Bill Clinton was such an amazing leader for eight years and the only president that made a difference and improvements to the country. But his wife didn't learn a single thing from him about governing or his morals and logic and political strategies. 

Trump is no better than her. He's a racist and a stereotypical monster with no experience running a country and government. It's like setting a high school grad into a doctor's shoes. It's going to be a horrible mess for the next four to eight years . 

But this also shows how naive and many republican supporters we have in this country..... and they will hold us  back. 

I am disappointed at the results . To be honest the last president that made a difference and improvements to our country was bill clinton. Everyone after him was just a huge disappointment one after the other. There is no more hope for the u.s. I saw that years ago. That's why I'd rather vote for third parties than these idiots. 

People are going to be complaining and moping and screaming and drinking about the results. I hate to repeat myself but you guys chose him!! You guys chose these two to be the final runners for president over Bernie Sanders and the other candidates!!! No one put in a gun to your heads and said: vote for Trump or Hilary! You weren't under the influence when you voted at least I hope not. Who are both equally evil in my opinion. We would have been better off with Bernie. If there is anyone to blame, don't point your fingers at others but please admit your own faults and mistakes if you realize you've made a mistake. In your logical minds, you chose Trump or Hilary over Bernie.. I know plenty of you guys probably don't see the mistake you guys made yet but in time you will. In the next four  to eight years , you will. 

It's funny to see how people said the Canadian immigration site crashed. How people were searching for a way out of the country. Good luck with that...before deportation starts officially. 

With that said.... it's time for me to move to Canada, U.K. or back to China. Haha. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Just finished this book a few moments ago. It's definitely a book that I couldn't put down when I picked it up yesterday. It's a fairly easy read being play format and though it lacks was still a heart wrenching and amazing addition to the series. 

I'll be careful to not give any spoilers so those of you who stumble upon this post and have not read the book won't be spoiled. If you were expecting a ton of action and seeing all of your favorite characters back with the same fearlessness and taste for adventure as the previous books then you are mistaken. I feel that that's what many of us were expecting, a type of new beginning or pickup with a brand new arc. 

This book is different, set nineteen years after the battle where the main characters are now all settled with families and careers. It was fascinating to see the transition of what nineteen years can do to these characters we love so much. The book revolves mostly on Harry's youngest son, Albus and the struggle between a father and son's relationship. In other words: it's a journey of Harry's experience of how to be a good father to a son who is like a reflection of himself during his childhood and years at Hogwarts. Harry who never really had a father or knew how to be father to his children and everyday it's a learning experience for him. 

The second father and son relationship that is talked majorly about in this book is Draco and his son Scorpius. Draco who had never gotten any type of love or affection from his father and in result doesn't know how to communicate with his own son. 

Here's a dialogue segment from the book from Draco in which he is saying to Harry that touches me: "Love blinds. We have both tried to give our sons, not what they needed, but what we needed. We've been so busy trying to rewrite our own pasts, we've blighted their present."

Parents are always trying to give the best to their children not realizing it was not what they needed but what the parents needed. Both Harry and Draco wanted to change their own pasts through their sons hoping it would make things different which is sad but I feel every parent is like that nowadays in reality.

I've always felt that Harry and Draco were the two characters throughout the series that carried the most burdens and pain. They hated each other and were enemies but after all these years in this new installment--you will get to see how they both struggle to be good fathers and how they struggle to learn how to show love and affection to their sons. 

Other than the huge emphasis on parenthood and the importance of friendship during light and dark times. There is another aspect of the story that touched me deeply and that is the meaning of life that echoes throughout every act and scene in the book. Every parent wants to protect their children from all types of harm, small and big, and in the magic world that Rowling has created-- parents would do anything for their children to shield them from harm including sacrificing their own lives It's admirable but it's not always the right thing to do. 

Dumbledore says this to Harry in the book: "We cannot protect the young from harm. Pain must and will come." "No, you're supposed to teach him how to meet life." 

Harry and all the characters were protected during their young days in some way that was sometimes not obvious to the reader or characters themselves. They were protected indirectly in my opinion sometimes but most of the time...Dumbledore allowed Harry and his friends to experience and meet life as it came to them and letting them experience pain and harm in order for them to grow and learn from mistakes and build their own morals and foundation. 

I felt that I have already said too much. All in all this was an amazing read and it was so fulfilling to see all my favorite characters all so grown up and mature. 

I did wish it was in novel format rather than a play to give it more depth but that may never happen. I also wouldn't mind if Rowling one day decides to write a small trilogy about Albus, James, Rose, Scorpius and the new gang. The book wasn't enough to satisfy for me. 

I am planning to watch the Harry Potter movies all over again because this book brought up my feelings for the characters again and I was like ahhh I must watch the movies again! I miss them! 

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Purpose Of Marriage Nowadays

am sorry to say that from what I have witnessed and experienced is that marriage is not spiritual or special in anyway any longer. True love exists and some people do fall in love with their significant other and to them marriage is the most important step in their relationship and will open new adventures and strengthen their shared love for each other until they die. They will accept the flaws and bad habits of the others and not abandon the other under any circumstances. They will try and try until anymore effort is fruitless to save their love. Love is what they prize above everything else and for those who feel that way in their current relationships... I applaud you guys and give my best wishes and prayers. 
Back on subject. The purpose of marriage for the majority of people know is only for finical relief. Everyone is now immersed in debts, loans, mortgages, insurance policies, and regular bills. The price of lifestyle is so high now wherever you go that it's impossible for an average person making say for example $12 dollars/40 hours or less a week to handle. I am within that circle and I can honestly say after rent, bills, debt payments are subtracted from my checks...there is not much left for myself. 

It doesn't matter how much you make because the prices of everything is going up such as housing, food, daily hygiene necessities, and taxes. You will find yourself overwhelmed. I feel that more money someone makes-- the more they cannot resist the urge to splurge such as buying: high end clothes, living in a high end neighborhood, buying things you don't really need.  

Marriage has turned into a type of contract between two people. Where they examine the other's finical background and what can they bring to the table closely before determining if they are the right spouse for them or not. It's a sad truth and many of the times there is no love between them other than business. 

How many of you would marry for finical stability and relief ? How many of you would marry for true love? How many men with good paying jobs would marry someone who makes less than half of what they make ? How about women? Is love more important or money?

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Creative Piece: Loved Ones

(This is dedicated to a coworker who passed away recently and also to those who've lost loved ones).

We thought we had all the time in the world to spend with
those we met,
those we connected with,
those who made us laugh and cry,
those that made us furious and happy,
those that we would never want to part with,
those that we would apologize to,
those that we would take back hurtful words and actions for,
those that we shared similar morals with, and
those we loved and cared for.
Sadly, we miscalculated and
the hands of time won't turn back this time.

Fate is a sneaky little beast.
It took you way too soon, way too sudden.
It snuck up behind us and took from us
the very sunlight in our lives,
the very source of our strength and courage,
the advisor of our lives,
the genuine friend from our embraces,
the compass we relied on so heavily,
the bond we valued so much,
the strong wall that we were able to fall back on.
What will we do without you?

We lament,
we curse at the heavens,
we curse at ourselves,
we curse at life,
we lament at a great life ended too soon,
we lament at the unjust of fate,
yet nothing can bring you back.

You left us with a gift that
fate nor gods can ever take away.
That gift is
your warmth in which we hold close,
your teachings in which we remember,
your big heart in which we honor,
your patience in which we practice each day,
your tolerance in which we give thanks for,
your spirit in which we will carry on,
your energy in which we will never forget,
your passion in which we admire,
your love in which we will carry with us, and
the memories you left us with.
We will continue living for you.

We wish if there is reincarnation,
to meet again
in a different setting,
under a different sky,
under different circumstances,
and be happy with you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When Does A Mother's Protectiveness Cross the Line?

Mothers are such amazing people. They give birth, give their love, give their care, give their best years, give their energy to their children. Although, they may be difficult to understand and drive you nuts their starting point is meant to be well and just somewhere along the line it twisted into something else. 

Mothers are very protective parents and they would do anything to protect their child. Mothers in the animal kingdom would urge their little ones to run while they stayed and fended off the enemy. They would nourish and watch over their little ones with a watchful eye until they became old enough to fend for themselves. It's always heartwarming to watch such great love. Mothers never give up unless you choose to give up on yourself. Say when a baby lynx gets sick or is born too weak to make it through a certain amount of days and the baby lynx chooses to not fight for itself. The mother would choose to abandon them as they serve as a hinder to the family as much as it pains them to do so. 

Think about it like this. Mothers train us in life when we are young. It's like teaching someone to ride a bike. A mother would always be behind the bicycle, both arms protecting us until we are able to balance ourselves and ride on our own. Their hands are always around us to shield us from pain. But there comes a point where they let go to let us ride life on our own or give up when we choose to give up trying to ride the bike. It's a cause and effect cycle. 

Our moms are not that different from them. They will do anything to protect their children and be willing to make any sacrifice though not every sacrifice may be known to us. They are afraid that we aren't able to stand on our own and make sure everything is fine before they finally take their hands off the handles of the bicycle we are on. And then there are some mothers who never take their hands off. Sometimes too much protection from them will never give children space to grow. 

However, there are mothers who are overprotective and must be in every second of their children's lives and force their views, morals, opinions, and decisions on their lives. They try to control what type of person we date, how our salary should be invested, what we eat, how we live, what we study in school, what clothes to buy, when should we get married, etc. Mothers are...they love organizing everything sometimes. They love to plan out our lives for them so we become their joy and pride. It's not a bad thing but sometimes they just go overboard. When they start causing trouble, such as trying to make you break up with someone or stop talking to someone, butting their noses into everything...that's overprotection. It's like they're holding the handles of the your bike in a death like grip and unwilling to let go. They love the control and they probably feel they've invested so much into you and in order for you to good life, they cannot allow a single mistake. 

In my thought, it's sort of like an obsessive compulsive disorder. They fear you cannot do well on your own. They fear you will make mistakes. They fear you will make the wrong decisions, fall in with the wrong crowd. They want to arrange the aspects of your life to their approval. What they don't know is how much pressure and anxiety that gives their children. 

Frightening isn't it? The starting point was simple motherly love...and then it turns into a manipulative and obsessive love. A mother's love is so strong that it frightens even their children sometimes but it also drives a mother and a child apart when that love becomes too much to the point where it becomes an obsession. It also drives a knife between the mother and child when the love becomes intrusive and unreasonable. 

I believe that mothers should learn to let go when the time is right no matter how unwilling they are. Letting go is also a part of loving their children as in the opposite...too much protection will never allow the children to go and cause them to be indecisive and be constantly relying on their mothers for answers and help. Let them fall. Let them get hurt. Let them learn from their mistakes, Let them learn from their pain. Let them chase after what matters to them. I am sure that's how our mothers learned about life and all its beauty and ugliness. 

Being overprotective does more harm than good to both the mother and their children.