Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Writers are Degrading Themselves

As a writer, I am sometimes sickened by how much writers are willing to degrade their work to satisfy their agents, publishers, and audiences. This is one of reasons I am very reluctant to let others see my work because I don't want to hear that I should change this or that. I feel it it's grammatical things have to correct it's fine but not when it's uprooting a mass apart of the plot or a scene or a character. Because we as writers put so much effort, time, creativity into creating a story, and it gets dissected and analyzed by readers and agents and if they don't like it then it doesn't sell or worse, doesn't get published. That's a really cruel way to shoot down someone's work they've worked on for years. But you're supposed to get used to that right? Endless piles of rejection letters before someone says yes. There is always the option of self-publishing but if readers don't like your book, you still don't have any audiences. 

I will first talk about why I feel writers degrade their own work just, so they can get more readers and get published. Everyone wants to get published nowadays and be famous and acclaimed. The biggest audience of readers nowadays are mostly young adults. What appeals to young adults nowadays are usually fantasy, science fiction, and romance. Young adults usually go crazy over vampires and magic. I mean it's normal because everyone imagines of falling in love with a vampire or demon or whoever. It's the well young adults think when they buy books, they fall in love with the hot demon who kills everyone who threatens those they love. It's normal from a reader's point of view. I want to read books like that once in a while as well. 

However, when every single YA book is about the same themes and plot it gets irritating. A lot of new and good authors who wrote YA books or going into this genre tend to degrade not only their writing. But they're also degrading men and women as well. A real man is supposed to be like this. Make a character like this to make young adults love them and the book. Publishers and agents tend to look for things that will sell like Twilight or The Hunger Games. 

It's just like a bandwagon for writers to jump on whatever they see is selling like hotcakes. Some are willing to toss out authentic ideas and things in the plot to make their books more likable and eye-catching. That really depresses me. Aren't writers all supposed to have their own unique voice? We shouldn't be copying the styles of others. I am sure not all young adults want to read about fantasy and heartbreaking love stories right? Why should we sacrifice our style and writing and ideas and succumb to what others want from us? Shouldn't we challenge or at least take a risk and put books out there to see how they will turn out? 

Now then I feel that as writer, I would never want to degrade my work or change and twist it to someone's liking. I'll work with them but I'll try to still keep the traditional planning and plot of a piece of work. I put all my heart and energy into each story and I don't want to jump on any bandwagon. Did Austen, the Brontes, Steinbeck ever worry about what others thought of their work? No, they wrote to tell a truth and to prove points. When you think of it, it is similar to I'm voicing my opinions and showing you the ugly truth and if you don't like it so be it. 

Writing is sharing our inner thoughts, feelings, questions, and things we want to talk about. And if this is what everyone is thinking about: vampires, demons, magic, and nothing much else..we have a problem. Where did all the genres of realism, romanticism, and satirical go?  Authors of centuries ago would be really disappointed in what is going on today with writers. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Talk On Tea types

Sorry for no blog posts for so long! I didn't have any internet other than on my phone which I didn't want to use too much. But I am back now! I apologize to all my readers!

Today I shall talk about tea! I don't usually drink tea too often because they're so pricey. The brands I buy anyway from Asian supermarkets. I do want to learn to grow tea trees, so I can gather my own tea leaves and dry them and brew them for tea. Mmmm. I wonder if it's possible to grow a tea tree indoors since I don't have a yard.

Anyways here are the three types of tea I usually drink in the order I rank them as.

Green tea has always been my top choice for tea. A fun fact is that it's been used in China for 4,000 years in medicine! Amazing isn't it! I am happy I come from a tea drinking ancestry and country.
Drinking green tea lowers bad cholesterol and balances good and bad cholesterol out, it reduces risks of certain cancers, reduces chances of cardiovascular disease, prevent tooth decay and so much more. 

Green tea is used in creams, lotions, shampoos and other products now which really make you wonder how awesome it is. The only downside to tea is it contains caffeine but not as much as coffee itself. 

White tea my second favorite for tea. I love white tea. I read that white tea is beneficial for the heart and preventing heart disease. Also white tea's taste is less grassy than green tea and less strong as black tea. Because white tea is basically immature tea leaves that are plucked right away after they bloomed, sometimes my knowledge of tea frightens even myself. White tea is more healthy for you because they are closest to their natural state right after blooming and contains powerful anti-oxidants  that fights and kills cancer causing cells more than any other tea!

Black tea is the one type of tea I never really liked. Because the taste is so strong and leaves a horrible after taste and feel in the mouth that makes me shiver, I am not sure if it's the brand I drink or something else. However, the health benefits of it is amazing. It protects your heart from heart attacks and reduces the amount of cholesterol you absorb from foods. It protects your stomach and intestines as well. Pretty amazing facts right?

Maybe I'll give black tea another try. 

That reminds me that I have to stock up on some tea bags from the supermarket soon. If you have a favorite tea brand or cheap ones please let me know! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I was having a nice talk with a friend today about handwriting because they have horrible handwriting and it can't be helped! I can't even get them to do a penmanship lesson with me. I know technology is so advanced now that everything is typed and paper and pens really don't have that much use unless you're in school or at work.

However, I'm an 80's baby and I haven't fallen behind with technology, but I certainly will not give up my love and passion of how a pen or pencil feels in my hand, the sound of it dancing across a notebook nor the smell of the ink on the paper. It's such a fragile thing that sound be treasured and preserved in my opinion.

My aunt used to coach me horribly with penmanship when I was in grade school as soon as i could read and write. She would have me sit in her kitchen and give me paper, pens and pencils and watched me copy line after line from books and words. She would hold my hand and guide it across the page slowly and elegantly like a dancer guiding a new student. Those memories are vivid and her touch on my hand can still be felt whenever i pick up my pen or pencil even now. She would hit my hand with a ruler when I made a mistake or a letter was crooked.

My love for penmanship started there and so did calligraphy. I love pressing down hardly on the paper hoping it would be engraved into the wood beneath. There is a Chinese tale that Confucius and many philosophers in ancient China were able to write so hardly that the calligraphy seeped through the paper and into the wooden table by three inches. It's a true story and there is a proverb and poem that describes how beautiful it was. I wanted to be able to do that as well.

Every letter, every word I write is treated delicately like my own child. I am very proud of my own penmanship and despite all the technology we have at our hands today. I don't think I would ever give up my penmanship or stop writing on paper. Penmanship allows one to develop patience and endurance and tolerance not only in penmanship but those traits can be transferred into how you face life as well.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Black Sesame Works Magic!

When I grew up, my aunt always made me black sesame powder paste. She said black sesame is very healthy and beneficial for the human body. I am really grateful and am intrigued by how knowledge my aunt was on health and all the little dishes and Chinese herbal recipes she used to make me eat and drink. I would bravely say that black sesame powder is one of the ones that didn't actually taste bitter nor had a nasty odor to it. 

The prepackaged ones you cane find at asian supermarkets are usually sweet and you just have to add hot water to one package. However, if you don't like prepackaged ones, you could always buy a big bag of black sesame seeds yourself and use a blender and blend it into a powder form and then cook it in a pot of water and add salt or sugar to it for your liking. I tend to like to make my own because it's more fun to do and I can add what I like to it. If you don't want to add salt or sugar, I have had it just cooked without anything and it tastes fine. It depends on your preference of course. 

Health benefits for eating black sesame includes: good source of vitamin e, can heal chronic illness after 100 days, reverse gray hair after a period of time, improve skin tone, regrow teeth after a few years, delay aging and extend life expectancy! There many other benefits but those are a few fun ones and factual ones. It can also help with weight loss and lower blood pressure levels as well. 

No wonder people always say Asians know to preserve their lives through simple foods. I love anything with black sesame in them. If you guys are busy people and have no time or interest in going through so much trouble, there are other options such as: 

BLACK SESAME CANDIES! There are also white sesame candies as well. These are also found in most asian supermarkets. I love making them at home though and their very simple to make as well. But they aren't pricey and pretty convenient for those who are constantly outdoors or on the move. I usually buy honey or sticky sugar and a bag of sesame seeds and mix it all together with ginger sometimes and mold them into these long bars and bake them for half an hour and then chop them up into pieces and have them in a jar. 


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reality Versus Unrealistic

Petals that are blown across the land are actually wishes that haven't been granted. And those who catch one petal are and will one day meet the owner of that wish and grant every wish they have. 
~Jae Okita 

Lately- I've still been unable to understand what I have gotten myself into. I have definitely improved much more since my last post on what I had to work on. I'm proud and happy that progress is being made every passing day. It's not an easily road but taking that first step is what's most important right? 

What i wanted to talk about today was how many of us always thought that certain circumstances and events happened in books and only stayed in books. Didn't we believed and were taught in school that humans can't fly, there are no flying pigs, no dragons, no magic, no immortality, not always is there a happy ending, and no invincible superhero powers. However, i believe that this world is huge, possibilities are endless and if no such things existed then why are there actual records of alchemy and magic users recorded in history? Shamanic powers, witchcraft, seers, reading carvings on animal bones to foretell a kingdom's fortune. I believe such terrifying powers once did exist but in today's society, writers tend to exaggerate and stretch too far from the truth at times making things seem too real yet at the same time too hard to believe. 

I've been digressing too far from my main point. I've come across a situation in life right now where it's similar to being the main female protagonist in a shoujo manga (where there is one main girl and several guys have expressed their affections for). I am completely bewildered and unable to make sense of any of what's going on. I don't understand though they've told told me I'm one of a kind type of girl. Am I really? I'm not perfect and have my little flaws. 

What I really don't understand is why this is all happening now? When I decided to not even think about these things anymore, all of this suddenly happens catching me off guard and tangling me in all of this. It all seems too unreal and all is like a dream within a dream. This type of thing is actually reality and it's happening to me of all people. This is too overwhelming to me still.

I know many can relate because there are people who just think they are the last person anyone would notice in a room. The last person to be asked out or to be liked by someone. Something like this would only happen to popular girls and not average girls. But now it's happened and I am a speechless woman at this moment. I wonder what Jane Austen or Virginia Woolf would have said or how they would have reacted to this.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Sixtieth Post: Progress on Life- Lost and Found again

 Masami Iwasawa preforming ‘My Song’ 
This is my life. I wanted to sing like this. This is why I was born. I want to save someone… Just as I was saved. I finally… Finally found it.
First of all thank you to all the faithful readers and followers of my blog for so long. I'm really happy and grateful for those who have stuck with me online and in real life for better and worse in order for me to make this blog possible. I've finally reached sixty posts on my blog on this fine fall day. I thought for a long time for what I wanted to make this post about to give it special meaning. But I thought the special meaning is to let all those who read it know how I finally came to a new chapter in life.

I found a piece of me that I thought was lost and found it again with the help of a very dear friend, Rekari. :3. So as I would say to you personally...Arigatou from the bottom of my heart. You may have thought you didn't do much but you did.

Onto the main topic of my post. I felt that I had lost two very important aspects in life as a person when I was very young and that is being treated fairly and being firm enough when a situation requires it. And on recent matters--I felt I lost my passion everything became colorless for me suddenly yesterday there wasn't much passion to write or read. It was frightening but real. It felt sucked out of me literally perhaps because of what I have been going through recently. I didn't tell anyone, but Rekari because others would think I was probably losing my mind.

The first aspect of life 'fairness' I never really asked or thought I deserved fairness because fairness had been denied from me since a young age because of family matters. I grew up believing I didn't need that as long as everyone I cared about was treating fairly, always putting myself last in any situation, not worrying about myself. The truth is that's not really healthy and I deserve fairness as well especially with the guy problems I've been tangled in as you may have read in earlier posts. I should be treated fairly too not to make it sound selfish or anything but I do need fairness or else I'll be exhausted soon. My heart and energy will be dried out. It's hard to adapt to asking to be treated fairly but I'm doing my best.

The second aspect of life 'being firm' where I should put my foot down when something seems wrong. Some friends would call me indecisive or unwilling to be mean and blunt when I have to when I see something wrong or I'm being treated wrongly. I tend to worry about the other's feelings and reaction first rather than just believing in my gut. I worry about hurting them with my words and opinion and refuse to be decisive. This can and is causing a lot of problems in my life right now. I should put my foot down and be more defensive about myself and worry about others after. I deserve to have that right and that will lessen a lot of problems and worrying as well.

I just felt I've been asleep or sleeping in the depth of a brutal frozen winter, a part of me had been asleep too long. And now it's broken free of the ice and is unraveling it's wings slowly, lifting it's head to what I've become and asked what the heck happened? I have a feeling this will be a good change for the better.

As for the loss of passion, I feel I've buried myself in some matters too passionately and selflessly though I've lost what could make me smile and very happy easily. And that is my writing and my books. Before certain events happened, I found pure joy just writing without worrying about anything and able to enjoy a bright blue sky without having as much as a heavy weight on my chest. I thought it through today that in the end the thing that makes me happiest is my laptop, my paper and pen, a good book and music...they all fill me with inspiration. And cause me to smile like a silly child. I--haven't felt this for weeks and now that precious feeling is found again.

As Iwasawa-Chan (the girl in the gifs above) says, This is my life. I was saved by books and writing. I want to save and help others by doing what I do best. I'll hold the hand that a book reaches out to me with, I'll hold the hand of pen that lays waiting for me to pick up.

NOW: As a gift to anyone who has been reading my posts, and to my followers and friends who see this, I am willing to write one piece of poetry for anyone who wants one as a thank you. It can be on anything just give me some details to work with. 

If you are curious at how my creative writing looks like, please check out my poetry blog before making a request! 


Thank you! ^^

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Goji Berries and Dried Chrysanthemum

Today-I felt like doing a post on health for this elf you who probably read documents all day, or sit in front of a computer all day. or work in a factory all day. This is a little recipe my aunt and my mom followed for most of their lifetime. You would take a hand full of dried goji berries and two handfuls of dried chrysanthemums and mix it with hot water. Of course, the amount of each is to your liking and not required to be a certain amount. 

This special tea is very beneficial to improving eyesight and can purify toxins from the liver. 

Goji berries can be eaten raw as well just soak them in some warm water to make them soft and then you can eat them. They help regulate diabetes and blood pressure as well. The thing I adore most about them is they come with a very faint sweetness so you don't even have to worry about it being bitter or tasting weird. They are pricey though but for a better health and lifestyle this is something that worth spending money on. 

Dried chrysanthemums are amazing herbs to have handy. My aunt once told me that Chinese herbs are unique and useful by combining several herbs together to make soup, dishes, and tea that's how my love of looking into Chinese herbs grew over the course of my life. Chrysanthemums are very beneficial if taken as tea on a daily basis. It can help improve skin problems, postpone aging, prevent blindness, protects the eyes and great source for vitamin B! All of that goodness in one flower, sign me up! 

Chinese herbal teas and soups are what Chinese all around the world have been using and eating from common colds, to preserving life, to something serious as cancer. I love trying out different recipes and though they may not be as effective as quickly as western medicine but at least it's not as strong just takes a bit longer to kick in!