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Book Review: One Day In December by Josie Silver

I finally read this book after it sat on my shelf for close to a year, I believe. Yeah, I bought the book because I loved the synopsis and then just never got around to it until now not realizing how much I missed out. The book reminded me of a lot of soap operas I used to watch growing up.
Some of the main things that I loved about this book was how it went from warm and cozy to sad and heartbreaking in the next. Silver does an amazing job with her choice of words as always. Her ability to move back and forward between different perspectives with ease and everything just flowed so well, one chain link hooking on to the next. Every single obstacle and event in the book drove the story well.
One thing I admit that I never saw coming was the fact that in less than the first 100 pages, I was completely mind blown by what happened. Now, remember I haven’t read the synopsis for close to a year and just randomly decided to read this book. When Sarah introduced Laurie to Jack as her boyfriend,…

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