Monday, May 25, 2015

Food Waste Problems

Check out this news article: 

I am very happy to hear that France is making it illegal for supermarkets to throw away edible food! When I saw this peace of news, I had to suppress the urge to leap up and yell in joy. I work in a supermarket myself in a department that handles food and I've also worked in other jobs where I have also handled food. I have aways been disgusted with how much food supermarkets and other food chains throw out each day. I had to throw out perfectly fine cooked drumsticks and salmon and even pounds of romaine because they don't want to use the outer leaves for salads. I don't care if customers complain the outer leaves are rough or the texture is horrible. I use every single leaf when I cook at home.

Why? Because you don't know how just a single leaf of lettuce could make a child in a third world country smile in joy and wolf down hungrily. It could mean life and death for them just to have even a single slice of an apple. My aunt had always taught me to not be wasteful when I am cooking and eating and to always think of those on the other side of the world that are starving. I don't throw away leftovers for days and just keep recooking/reheating them until I finish it over a course of several days or it smells bad. When I have too much bread at home, I tend to break up the bread and then drop them on the front yard of my building for birds and squirrels even more during the summer as I head for work. 

Food is a daily necessity and shouldn't be tossed away just because it's past its expiration date. I have been to food pantries where I pick up stuff from places like Jewel's, Mariano's, and Trader Joe's and it's still edible. The pantry volunteers told they keep these donations in below freezing coolers where it can maintain the freshness of many of these foods for up to weeks. When we go and take this from pantries, different products have different days of life we can still eat them and some can last up to two weeks at most. 

What was not surprising in this article is the fact that the United States throws out about $160 billion worth of food out each year. That's more than enough money to buy enough food for third world countries! This is pitiful and shameful to hear. Many times I think people and supermarkets throw out food when they see a soft spot on an apple or an eggplant being way too soft in one area. This is really bull crap and it's not going to kill you if you eat it. If veggies and things feel soft in a supermarket, they could give it to their salad department and cut what they can use to make a good salad or sample it out. Not everything has to be thrown out so recklessly.

I only hope that more countries will start enforcing these laws and put things in order and on track soon. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Let Voices Be Heard In Own Neighborhoods!

Please honor the voices that need to be heard and honor the memory of those who have left us due to violence around the country and outside the country.  Remember the children the have all left this world too soon, seniors who’ve left this world before truly enjoying the happiness of family, young adults and teens who’d been robbed of their life due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time and meeting the wrong people.

Whenever you turn on the news, the radio, all you can hear is: ‘gunshots were fired last night in a neighborhood and there were x amount of casualties or they are in critical conditions’.  It sickens me to hear this again and again each day. There is no getting better only getting worse in the major cities especially Chicago. I feel there is only so much that the government can do. When the government states that they will start up these certain events and gatherings to encourage and educate communities to watch out for each other, it can only work so far and help so much. Sometimes people who have never experienced a loss under such a circumstance don’t feel compelled to help others because they would be endangering themselves as well.

I am not saying everyone is the same way; however, there is a portion of civilians that have that mindset. They want to protect themselves and don’t want to become targets themselves in the future. However, I believe it’s not a matter regarding bringing attention to yourself and you will also bring danger but most of these gun violence situations are random unless stated otherwise by the news or were an accident.

You all still remember the riots and uprising in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray. How united, devoted, and determined civilians were to riot against the brutality of unnecessary force of police officers. It’s not only gun violence that wrecks havoc in our streets that we travel on each day but police brutality as well. I have not seen such unity in a while against such a cause with so much uproar from the voices of the people.

I believe that in order for gun violence, murderers, police brutality, and brutality against one another will only cease when the voices of the family members of victims rise and let their voices be heard. Let their fiery, their unjust, their hatred, their pain be known to the public, to those who took their loved ones away. Nothing is more powerful than the cries of the people. Because when the people of a country cry, it shakes the police, the government, but also the very foundation of cities and a country. Only then will no one be able to ignore it any longer.

So please let voices be heard. Do something about it. Media is the most powerful tool in today’s society. Reach out to social media networks and news media and state your anger and pain with other families that have lost loved ones due to different types of violence and let the road to change and peace begin with you today so there will be no more child victims and innocent lives taken way too early.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry guys for the late post for Mother’s Day.

These last two years of Mother’s Day has been harder for me than usual compared to prior years. I lost the second mother in my life last year, my Aunt Lee as some of you already am aware of. She had an influence in my life and I am unable to repay her for all she did this lifetime other than living out a good life, as she would have wanted for me. My own mother and I are never on good terms so my aunt was the peacemaker between us and for my mother and things that she would not let go of.  I am grateful to have two mothers. One who shaped me, taught me, gave me the necessary qualities of being a good person and one who was there to give me what I needed on a daily basis.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!

No matter if you love your mother, hate her, never met her, or have lost her due to natural causes. I want you all to remember that that woman you call a mother gave you life. You wouldn’t be walking on earth if it weren’t for her. She gave you life and as to how she treated you after that is for you to decide whether you love her or despise her. However, you should be aware that you couldn’t repay them ever for giving you a life. You should love her and cherish her regardless of how you feel towards her.

Mothers had to carry you inside their wombs for ten months before birth. The pain, the hardship, the bond that is built during those ten months can’t be stripped away from either one of you guys. It’s something that cannot be changed either. We can’t choose our mothers but we can choose how we treat them. I cannot emphasize enough on how much you must learn to forgive and accept your unique mothers for what harm they’ve done and just love them unconditionally.

So please never forget what you owe them and what they gave you. Learn how to forgive them for what damage they may have done to you and just love them and show to them that you love them no matter what.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dream and Talent

When someone tells you: ‘there is a difference between a dream and a talent. Some people have it and some don’t.’ What would you say in response? I actually have given this question some very serious thoughts when I was still in high school and decided what I wanted to become when I grew up. As young teens and adults, we question ourselves about whether it’s just an empty-shelled dream and will never come true or do we have the talent or not. This applies to most people who are aspiring artists, writers, musicians, and so on. When one decides to become a creator, to set foot into the field of liberal and fine arts…are you sure you have what it takes is what many find their subconscious minds asking themselves over and over timelessly.

We never do really find the answer. I haven’t yet. I do believe and have been told I have the talent, an eye for detail and information. However, I totally suck at writing physical descriptions for a scene in a story. That is where I fall short. It had always been my dream to be a novelist and write endless amounts of book for readers to enjoy. I grew up surrounded by books rather than toys and journal about my days rather than talk to them with my family. That was where my passion grew from as I saw books as a way of escape for those who desperately wanted a way to escape from a reality in life they didn’t want to face. I found my peace in books and books changed me. I fantasized that I would write a book that would change everyone too and teach valuable lessons to younger generations. I am a mixture of dream and talent.

However, I do feel that dreams can become reality and talent as long as you are willing to put in a massive amount of work into what you’re passionate about and want to do. I am sure acclaimed novelists, every music band, songwriters, or performers all started with a dream and just practiced and practiced until they were acknowledged by society for the talent they had without realizing it. It all starts with that first step of having a dream. Hard work does pay off and you will see the results you want to see even if it takes years.

We then have people who are just born with the natural talent to sing, write, perform, and create. We all envy those people don’t we? Just as some people are born with a golden key in their mouth. However, don’t ever think you have any less talent and dream than they have. It takes courage to embrace a certain life, a certain dream, and determination to stick to it through better or worse.

I have doubted myself when I’d received declines from publishing agencies to print my work. However, you just have to keep getting up after that. If people have told you that you create good stuff then keep trying, there will be someone out there who will know the worth of your work. My aunt once told me that I’d starve trying to make your living off writing. Gray hairs will multiply faster than I anticipated. I have tried to change my passion, my major, and dream but it was useless. That passion just crept back right on me and made me realize I could never part with that passion.

If you’re passionate about it, my word to you is to keep that dream close and practice each day what you love and you will be acknowledged.  My friends often tell me that getting published isn’t that difficult. If a book like Fifty Shades of Gray can get published, then you can get anything published. I do feel that the publish industry has gone downwards in what type and quality of work they are accepting.

I don’t care if it’s a dream or talent.  Chase it with your life and don’t try to ignore it. Because it will creep back up on you, no matter how hard you try to go in the opposite direction. Why would you turn your back on something so amazing? You have the power to create worlds, create music, create art, and arouse different emotions in people’s hearts. Isn’t that magical?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Controversy on ‘Are You Beach Body Ready?’

When I turned on the news and heard about this ad showing this perfect model as the mascot, I immediately thought: ‘oh no…here we go again once summer comes around.’ I cannot fathom on how much emphasis society puts on how girls are supposed to appear and what body type is considered acceptable in the eyes of society. We see this more than enough in Disney movies such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. Young girls are taught at a young age what is an acceptable and desirable body type to men. I don’t care if companies put these ads and portray women to encourage women to be more self-conscious of their appearances or setting standards. I just know that every woman no matter of what shape or size they are, are beautiful in someone’s eyes.

 I loved how so many voices of women sparked up across social media platforms and posted pictures of them in bikinis and being proud of how their bodies were. The phrase in the ad itself was highly offensive. It isn’t much different than being told that you have an ugly body and it’s time to get into shape before hitting the beach. Are these marketing, graphic designers, and communications professionals just big idiots? That is sexist and discriminating.  Anyone can go to the beach. I’ve seen seniors go to the beach to sunbathe and enjoying the beach as much as anyone in their swimsuits. Are they considered not beach ready? The beach is opened to everyone regardless of race, sex, or body type. I hate how the ad is trying to label women into being either ready or not, overweight or having unattractive body parts. Yes, maybe they never intended the ad or the phrase to have that effect on the public but it did.

What companies don’t realize or underestimate is that when you put out ads and commercials that attack women’s sexuality, physical attractiveness is that you are probably causing depression and putting people down. You are causing people to choose to go on crazy workouts and diets in order to slim down to what society is willing to accept. In other words, these ads are scaring unconfident women to take off their clothes and put on a bikini or even a sundress to show their body in the summer. However, to those women who aren’t lacking in confidence will show their sexuality and their bodies without any fear of how they look or give a single ounce of care to what are society’s standards.

Go girls! Stand up and be proud of the body you have and don’t be afraid to show it off to the world during the summer on the beach!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Conveniency and Technology is Ruining the Generations to Come.

Businesses and technology has been taking over the world of humans! Maybe that opening line was a bit extreme; however, I only speak the truth on here, as many of you know. I like wandering around stores whenever I’m off and I’m in the store doing other shopping. The thing that never ceases to amaze me when I go strolling through stores is how rapidly technology is progressing and turning simple tasks we do at home into something even simpler. Many products ranging from slicers, peelers, to coffee makers, and the list just have no end. Many businesses have also many things easier for youngsters these days. Great examples of this are already washed and peeled vegetables, prepped meals, sandwiches, and etc.

Yes, everyone wants the easy way through life and claim they have no time to sit down and enjoy a good meal or cook, or have the time to even prep ingredients for someone else to cook for them.  I would say I have to blame technology for this because it also plays a major role from how many people spend countless hours on their smartphones and tablets. They would rather just find something fast and convenient to nibble on than cook an actual meal. I don’t understand what could be so important for them to not be able to get up from the couch or the laptop and just actually prep their food than buy what is already prepped for them.

Many would probably claim there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything they want to get finished to be completed. How many hours do you all actually manage to squeeze in because you’ve been too preoccupied doing things? How much time during the day do you actually make it an effort to prep and cook a meal after a long day at work? Why would you pay that extra dollar or so for a small tray of peeled carrots or potatoes or something? How long are those going to last? It’ll be gone in one meal. What people see nowadays is not the price but how many convenient options there are at grocery stores.

By the way of how things are going now, by the time most of the 80’s babies reach forty and have children of their own. Their children won’t even have to cook at all or do any of the hard work that their parents had to do to make a meal. Teens nowadays don’t even have to cook actually given how much of a vast variety there is of prepped foods in grocery stores available.

On the more technical side of how things are going, I feel we’ve been so reliant on the use of technology such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even TV. What happened to the joyful feeling of holding an actual book in our hands instead of a tablet? What happened to talking to your parents or enjoying a good conversation with someone you enjoy the company with? I had once went out without my phone for three days because it wouldn’t charge and even with my laptop at my fingertips. I was about to break mentally and emotionally without my phone. It just made me feel so disconnected from everyone and everything. Don’t say you guys never experienced that! We are too reliant indeed, won’t you agree?

Robots are going to take over the world! I just had to say that for fun! We’ve seen so many robotic or mecha movies and TV series that we all strongly believe robots will one day take over the most basic tasks of humans. I’ve seen in the news recently that Japan has launched its first humanoid robot in a department and its been getting very high acknowledgement and praise. It’s frightening but also adorable and fascinating! Go Japan!