Outlander Saved My Mentality

I am very picky person when it comes to books. Everyone around me always says to broaden my horizons and read a little of everything so I took a good friend's word on it and started several years ago to do so. I stopped reading for about a year mainly because of work and how exhausted I'd be when I got home. I tried picking up various books but nothing could pull me back in. People always say it takes one good book to pull you back into the world of literature. And it's very true. In a time where I was losing sight of my values, my morals, my own self, where everything was crashing down and stress was eating me alive in my life...I came across the book series, Outlander. Some of you may say that is so cliche- but no...Outlander was honestly the book that fell into my hands and saved me. 

I came across Outlander when I saw a commercial of it on TV. Because of how many books are being turned into shows, I decided to try my chance and see if Outlander was a book and it turne…

Gain and Losses

Gain and losses. Who knows the right order of the two or the spiritual meaning of those words? We never understand those two words until we've gone through enough of life's ups and downs, bitterness and sweetness. 
It is human nature to always want to gain the upper hand in any scenario regardless if it's an argument, a fight, a game, a bet, a business, and so forth. They don't want to lose. They don't want the other one to have any gains. What is their reason of always seeking to gain everything they can and want? Everyone's reason is different. it could be for oursleves, their family, friends, for the thrill of it, for the power, it can be anything. They love the immense amount of thrill and rush they get from winning and it boosts their self-esteem to bringing them to believe they can get their way in anything. There is no clear answer to give other than hearing it from the person themselves. 
Loss. Everyone is afraid of losing whether it be a bet, a job op…

Your Name Says A Lot About You

What is in the meaning behind any name? Whether it be Bob, Mary, or Jacob. Is there a special meaning behind those names? Of course there is. Names are chosen and given with the high hopes and dreams of the parents. They want their children to exceed what they couldn't, to be someone who makes an impact, to have more education than themselves, to be successful where they couldn't be, and to make a difference.

Names are given to us yet what we choose to do is up to us. Whether if we choose to live up the name we are given or make wise decisions to shape our lives the right way is up to us. We could have the most prestige and honorable name that a great king or famous person once had but if we make poor decisions or if our upbringing experiences are terrible then it should be up to us to come out stronger and a better person than our past.

Our names map our lives, our decisions shape how that map turns out. Whatever we do...we do it to ourselves.

In asian cultures, names have m…

Why Are Certain Workplaces So Toxic?

Workplaces are the same as a chessboard. All the pieces have their roles and are replaceable by some other piece. There are some pieces in chess that are prized more than others and some pieces that are used as scapegoats. A chessboard can be compared to a mini map of two people's lives. A chessboard can also be used to compare it to a work environment. There are the popular people that are always together, theres' always the mid crowd which are the crowd that can slide either way. Then there is the bottom half which are the not popular ones or the ones that the top group sees as not a threat and can be erased. 
Pawn will eat pawn. Rook will eat pawn, rook will eat rook, knights can take on pawns and rooks, bishops will smother everything under its rank, and then all that is left is the king and queen to battle to the very end. That is the most basic pyramid of it not?

Many people ask 'why?' Why must there be dividers between these group of people in soc…

Something That Can Never Be Avoided

Something in life that no one can ever seem to avoid is gossip, drama, and the unavoidable judgement of other people regardless of how much a good job one does. Unfortunately, I feel that that is how we all are. Where there are people there will be gossip and drama. It's something that cannot be avoided. 
I have never understood why people liked to gossip so much. What business is it of others when they don't even know the person that well. Why do they choose to talk about people they don't even understand? Why would anyone want to try to hurt someone else with words and spread ill willed rumors? I understand that we may all be nosy and want to join in conversations about other people but what would you retell what you heard in your own twisted way to even more people? Why spread the word? 
What is the benefit of talking about others? What is the purpose of running someone's reputation that you don't know more than a fingernail about? Do you know what is going on …

Differences in American Music Versus Asian Music

Music is an amazing gift that the world has given us. We need to be grateful to the amazing sounds and lyrics that musicians and songwriters introduced to us and opened our ears to. Every different country's music range from rap to country to hip-hop, or pure nonsense. I just want to focus on american and asian music today. 
I have always loved American and asian music since I was a child. I always turn to American music when I am bored and want to clear my head. Why is this? Because American music regardless of genre it gives me a very free and mellow feeling. The instruments that are usually used in american music also gives off a very upbeat energy which is why so many people love it. It motivates people to get up and dance. American music is very simple regardless if it is lyrics or rhythm to me. I mostly listen to pop, rock, alternative rock, indie, country, and sometimes blues. People tend to love the rhythm of the music rather than the lyrics. The lyrics are simple and to …

The Difference In Times

Generation is such a powerful word. It divides not only a family into sections but also divides morals, values, and culture. It is so frightening and surreal for everyone. The gap between each generation runs far deeper and has a far  greater effect on the human mind that we thought. Recently, I had a very insightful conversation with an old friend about how much times have changed now compared to back in our childhood days. This shows us how frightening technology can be, how culture, war, and politics can shift and change and shape an entire generation. 
The thing that has impacted many of generations the most has been the evolution of technology. I remember when I was young-- television, radios, Walkmans, and cassette players were such a huge thing. It was fun to just sit by a radio at dinner time with your parents and listen to the news or stories that were told over the radio. It was something you could share and do together as a family. You would enjoy a good soap opera on tele…

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