Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Childhood Memories- Do You Guys Remember These?

Do you guys still remember these two bad boys?

I don't know about you guys but these two items were what accompanied me in times of boredom and when I didn't have anything to satisfy my urges for a snack. My aunt would have a set of play-doh one of her kids bought for her to keep around whenever her grandchildren or I came over to visit. I remember playing with play-doh in her basement on hot summer days when I was around nine or ten years old. It was very entertaining for me. I would spend hours molding the clay into hamburgers and human figures. It kept me busy for hours and very fun.

I would choose to play with play-doh than play with a computer or electronic devicce any day and if I someday do have kids. I would rather they play with play-doh than electronic devices. I want them to experience what I went through and to learn to be creative, work with their hands, and communicate with family than face a lifeless electronic device all day.

This Fruit Stripe gum is the first gum I'd ever had as a kid. I will never forget my astonishment at how one little piece of candy could have so many colors and flavors packed in it. And to come across it suddenly in a store is even more rare. I thought it had gone extinct. Haha. I still remember whenever we went to the store, I would call the gum, 'zebra gum!' because it really does look like a colorful zebra. Life is full of different flavors as well: one moment things are sour, another sweet, one moment bland, another spicy. This gum showed me that and will always bring back memories of my childhood.

Anyways- I thought these two items were extinct but it's good to know that they are both around and still popular among children and the public which is always a pleasure to know.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Natural Beauty Versus Smothering Your Face with Makeup

All right boys and girls time to sit down and have a talk about beauty. I grew up in a very strict household so makeup and being girly wasn’t really an option. All there was most of the time was studying, studying, studying, and then there was learning how to be a lady and being an independent woman. That was basically my childhood to learn as many handy skills that are useful at home and in society as much as possible before I was all grown up.

Makeup has never been an interest for me. I’ve always believed in inner beauty and natural beauty over smothering chemicals onto your face to satisfy a man’s interest. Where has the era of men valuing inner beauty of women over outer beauty gone? Was there ever such an era? Maybe there were thousands of years ago but it is long gone. Physical appearance is the first thing a guy notices and puts the most emphasis on and that is why women are dieting and working out and spending hundreds on cosmetics to become what men desire.

I am aware that I may sound too stereotypical a bit in the previous paragraph and not all women do what I mentioned for men but I can bravely say more than half do. Women fear growing old and wrinkly and having gray hair but I don’t. I feel that’s nature’s order and the natural flow for all humankind.

I think the most makeup I ever wore is simple black eyeliner to make me seem less tired and some moisturizing Burt Bee’s lip balms and a moisturizing face cream.

Girls should allow a guy to notice their inner beauty through daily acts and in the long run one guy will stop and notice and realize the one whose most beautiful is not the one covered in cosmetics but the one who is just happy and proud of the way they are with their natural beauty.

I see girls at work and even on the trains and they are like smothered in makeup, fake eyelashes and eyes that are so heavily covered in eye shadow and eyeliner and their lips beet red. It just makes me shudder sometimes. I apologize if I offend any of my readers but I vow to speak the truth

A woman’s beauty will wither away regardless of all the precautions, diets, cosmetics, and surgeries they do. All efforts will be in vain because no one can stop the natural flow of growing old. We will all grow old one day but our intellect, our personality, our morals, who we are as a person will not. It is the one thing that time cannot strip from us and will only cause those traits to shine brighter as we grow more mature and experienced in life.

What will remain after we die won’t be our physical beauty, but what we’d done for others and what we left behind to teach the next generation through lessons of life. I just feel if you fall in love with a girl’s personality or a guy’s sense of humor and take them for all they are than trying to find someone who is excessively beautiful is handsome is the most precious thing.

‘I fell in love with who they are not for how they look.’ – Just a saying I use a lot in my old writings.

My point being of why I choose to talk about this is because of my mother’s nagging in recent years and also a spiritualist I’ve been visiting recently has mentioned to me that I have to place more care in my appearance. I have to learn to start using makeup and pay care to the clothes I wear. So Yes—I am jumping on the bandwagon and am overwhelmed. But I want to meet my significant other and I vow to not smother makeup all over my face and to use it cautiously. Let’s see if this works and how guys accept it at that point.

I just don’t like the idea of makeup and not to mention they are pricey. I still believe natural beauty is the right way to go but since I’ve been threatened- it cannot be helped.

I am curious at why guys choose looks over personality--- this is just ridiculous and laughable to me. This is exactly why I don’t want relationships and don’t care how I care myself in public. I do carry myself well but I don’t give much care to makeup. How insubstantial can guys be?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! : D I hope you all have an amazing night last night and probably are still hungover and sleeping in your warm beds. Today is the beginning of 2015 so don't let even one second go to waste. I am not aware of how the weather is where all you are from but it's freezing here in Chicago. 

I don't feel too good about this year. I am sorry to sound depressing but I have been feeling such a way for days after Christmas. I can't explain why I feel this way but I just feel something is going to happen this year and it's not good. I can't think like that though right? We have to stay positive and start making changes right off the bat. 

A friend said that I shouldn't leave things up to fate and try to take control of things this year. That is going to be difficult to do but I will definitely try my best. You know who you are! I just feel we make a pile of resolutions for each year but how many actually get done even with 365 days of time? We need determination and reason to keep fulfilling them so let's not lose either of that and keep fighting! :) Whether the reason being we are doing it for someone we love or someone who loves us. Whether we are doing it for ourselves, for family, for friends, or for the world itself, let's go it with our full energy! 

We should make an effort to write a beautiful book each year so that when we look back upon it one day, we can reminisce the memories and choices we made back then and laugh and smile about them. It will be the most valuable set of books we own and nothing can compare to it. That is a priceless set of books that no money can buy and nothing can make us trade it in for, right? 

Dear lord-- it just turned New Year's and I already came across a few books I want to buy already! Ah please save me! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final Thoughts on 2014

Tonight is the final night of 2014! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE, EVERYONE! I hope you all are having tons of fun with friends and family and enjoying the last night of 2014 to its fullest. Another book in our life is counting down to its last hours and a new book starts tomorrow. 

I only have a few last words for tonight so this is going to be a short post. 

I want to thank you for fate or chance whichever it is for allowing me to meet several good friends this year. They are some amazing people-- this shoutout goes out to them even though they may not know or hear it: 

Bryan, Joe, Dora, Idrissa, and Eric! You guys are awesome and I love you each so much!!! You guys are awesome friends and I hope we all have another great year next year! :)) 

Friends are precious. I am so grateful for meeting them and I hope that shared bond will last no matter what happens in the future. That applies to old friends as well! Memories and experiences cannot be erased even if paths split between us. ^^ Always-. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another Year Is Coming To An End~Memories and Resolutions

Another year is coming to an end already. Where has the time gone and what have I accomplished this year? Lost time won't return and people that have gone probably won't return. I sound depressing don’t I? But this is the truth that we must all face. We go through a lot in our lifetimes and many things we tend to have no control over for instance we didn’t ask to be sick, didn’t want to lose a loved one, didn’t want that relationship to end the way it did, didn’t want certain things to be over.

However, a new year does restart that cycle of meeting new people, starting new beginnings, starting new relationships, making new memories, making amends and atoning for wrongs we’ve done. I want everyone to remember to please not repeat the same mistakes you guys made this year in the New Year. Learn from your mistakes, make wise choices, and follow the natural flow of qi (energy force) in life. Don’t force things if you see that certain things or people won’t work out with you.

I always take every experience and encounter with people and life as a life lesson regardless if it is good or bad. We are human and we all make poor choices sometimes as long as if you learn to forgive yourself and learn from them then I say you had a good year. If we are unable to learn from our mistakes, history will always repeat itself and you will always get hurt. Life is a rollercoaster but how it progresses consists of choices we make.

What I learned this year is that life is unpredictable. My aunt’s passing has caused me to view life in a colorless view now. She was the color of my life and my inspiration and now she has left us all but her spirit and aura remains. But how many can actually carry on her spirit and vitality? The world has lost its beauty and vitality in my eyes without her presence in my world. I haven’t recovered from her loss and I admit I have been using work to bury the pain all these months. I am afraid I will crumble.

I also learned how wonderful it is to be liked by a guy. I have long lost hope for guys falling for me or even noticing me but I am happy even if it was crazy—three guys said they liked me. I was so overwhelmed and honored, but I questioned if I was really such a nice girl for so many to like me. I am grateful for being liked. I thank each of them for their feelings and I will never forget them. Things didn’t turn out in the best way as I wished for but I will never forget the happiness and feelings I received and felt. So thank you sincerely and deeply.

I believe that endurance and tolerance is very important in life. I started a new job this year and I cannot stress enough how many valuable lessons and bonds I made. There are so people who inspired me and kept me going when I wanted to give up and just quit. They became the motor and throttles of my consistency and persistency in prioritizing my job and not giving up so thank you. I believe that we have to endure and tolerate anything in society and work places in order to get fruits from our labor. Those who fight till the end are respectable and honorable. –Raises my glass to all those diligent workers out there- 

I feel you don’t need to have someone in your possession or be in a committed relationship to love him or her sometimes just having them within range and knowing they are well is enough. We shouldn’t always wish to gain something or titles or promises from someone we claim to love. We should know when to let go, when to persist, when to give up, when to be content with what we already have. If we never learn to let go, we’ll never find the right person or thing we are seeking. If we cannot let go, then please learn to content with what you share with them and silently wish them to always be well. Seeing them happy and well is more than enough.

On my writing this year, I felt I have reached major heights. I completed a short story compilation within two months of time. I am very proud of how it turned out but now the hardest part is finding an agent or publisher that will accept my work. I won’t give up! I have already started working on my novel as well. It’s been a good year for my writing.

That’s my roundup for this year!

As for next year, I think my resolutions are:
·      To find an agent or publisher for my short story compilation.
·      To finish writing and editing my novel within six months.
·      To find a full-time job.
·      Keep up my healthy lifestyle
·      To find my significant other half or if he has already appeared to have progress with them.
·      Wishing for world peace.
·      To keep volunteering for food pantries and homeless shelters.
·      To do more for those I love.

I hope you guys all have a good New Year’s! Much wishes!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a day filled with joy, laughter, good memories, and great company with family and friends alike! Another year is coming to an end. It seems so fast in the speed of blinding light, doesn't it? Nothing seems real and everything that happened this year seemed like a dream within a dream. What makes it still seem real is the people we've met, encountered, bonded with, and the memories that were made. 

I feel that we may want a lot of things every Christmas and when we do receive what we asked for it makes us so happy and we hold it as the most precious and valuable thing for an amount of time. However, I feel for me the best Christmas gift I receive every year is that friendships still remain, new friends have been made, memories have been knit, strings of fate have been sealed, and memories regardless good or bad will be apart of us for a life time. Things like clothes, jewelry, toys, etc can worn out and be tossed aside and forgotten after an amount of time. However, what never loses color or its worth is the bonds we make and share during a lifetime. 

All I want for Christmas this year is for all the people I care about and love to be happy and peaceful. I also do want world peace but that'll take a lot of work and time, one step at a time! Also- I do wish to find my significant other soon and if they have already appeared to please allow things to progress smoothly. :). 

Have an awesome Christmas day everyone!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fate Is a Mysterious Thing

Fate sometimes is a very mysterious thing. Yesterday, I experienced quite a new and bewildering experience with a spiritualist. I’ve heard my share of how accurate spiritualists are to being able to foretell one’s fate and one’s journey in life from my mother and others. However, I’ve always been skeptical to the idea because there was always a shred of doubt I couldn’t let go of. Because I feel many of them are scammers or inaccurate. But this spiritualist stunned me and I am so dazed. My mother decided to take me to a spiritualist on my birthday yesterday.

I won’t go into massive detail but it was life changing to me. They were able to tell me things that even my own mother doesn’t even know about. He knew things I’ve told no one but a few and kept from my mom. I was appalled at that moment. My mind kept thinking: ‘how is this even possible? How does this man know?’ He did not ask anything nor touch me; it was so natural after he went into his meditation state.  I felt like I was standing in front of him like an open book across the counter. It was uncomfortable but I endured it. He spoke of my weak health since a child and that shocked me even more and he even mentioned which organs precisely. I was just in a daze after that. Thinking how is it this even possible?

He told me that I would meet a guy who will treat and treasure me very well in the future but not right now. It’s not the right time and if I attempted to start a relationship now it would fail. He also mentioned I would be financially well off and well known in the future. All of this continued to shock me even more and I still find that last part about the guy and money and everything hard to believe.

I feel that it’s the fact that I believe I don’t deserve any of that. I don’t deserve it. It’s not possible…it should be given and deserved by someone worthy. I just can’t get past my own denial.

The main point of this blog post today is that sometimes our fate is already written out for us whether we choose to accept it or not. It can of course be changed, altered or we can choose to be oblivious to it. However, I feel everyone’s fate is different and it can be changed with how we were raised. If what this spiritualist said is true, I will work hard to accept it and keep it in mind. But I feel the surprise is gone now…and all that is left is anticipation. Not that that is a bad thing. I can be on guard and be ready.

I also learned how strong a person’s mindset maybe and how foolish our stubbornness can be sometimes. I stubbornly believed the right guy had appeared in my life…and hearing it from the spiritualist that he has not appeared made me very upset. If I hadn’t heard that from him, I would have gone on strongly and stubbornly believing the right guy had appeared and was in the midst of my circle of friends. I still kind of do feel that he is but I don’t know anymore.  I will know when he comes I guess.

My aunt once said every life was different. Many people first must suffer a lot of bitterness at the start of their lives before sweetness comes years later and that is called bittersweet. There are some people who taste sweetness and happiness at the beginning of their lives but is swallowed by bitterness afterwards. She says that is the flow and nature’s order of fate and why and how it differs. She said that she didn’t even understand how it gets decided for each person. Fate is mysterious indeed.

I will have many restless nights now knowing what I know.  However, this insight from the spiritualist has allowed me to perfect myself and be an even better person if possible. I will keep being myself and see this journey of fate to the end. If it surely does turn out in the way he says it will, I will repay him with whatever I can and however I can. :)