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Happy Early Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all that are fathers, have fathers, and whose fathers are no longer alive.
Father’s day has always been a day where it’s very mellow and depressing for me. I’ve celebrated it for twenty-four years without a father in my life. My dad passed away when I was only two—it’s not something that I am afraid to tell others when I am asked but it does spark up a mass amount of sadness from deep within me. I never got to know my dad nor had the chance to know what having a dad felt like. I have fantasized what it was like to have a father ever since I was old enough to know my dad was gone and would never come back no matter how many wishes I made to stars at night or how much I prayed. I used to be so envious of my classmates and friends when their dads came to pick them up from school, so envious when I walked by parks and saw kids playing with their dads.
I don’t even have enough memories with him to even recall his voice. Maybe I have heard of his voice but I can’t r…

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