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Response to: Chicago Tribune Writer Goes Under Fire For Wishing for Hurricane Katrina For Chicago


When I read about what a Chicago Tribune writer wrote of how they wished for a Hurricane Katrina for Chicago, the first reaction that hit me was: ‘what is wrong with you?’ I found the column and read it and felt that I understood what she was trying to convey. Her intentions throughout the piece expressed desire and hope for reform and a new beginning for Chicago. However, the way they went about expressing it aroused a lot of shock and offended many Katrina victims.
I think the piece was enormously focused on hoping for reform not only for Chicago despite it being focused on Chicago but addressed to the entire country. There is corruption everywhere and reform is desperately needed. I don’t blame the writer for writing such a piece because they believe that only with a fast, hard, and deadly physical disaster would opened people’s eyes and wake them up from their …

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