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Thoughts on Game of Thrones Book Series

I recently attempted to read the monster-sized series, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I am a huge fan of the series on HBO and could not longer resist the urge to give the books another attempt.
Martin’s writing style and prose flow is amazing and the way he chose to dedicate separate chapters for the major characters is amazing. Its clean and organized and gives me a taste of each character’s inner thoughts, inner worlds, and portrays who they really are rather than basing it on dialogue and scenes. It flows but at the same time I feel that there is a little lack of exposition and way too much dialogue. You hardcore fans may want to bite my head off but that’s how I feel though I am only on the second book. I have been told too much exposition is not good and at the same time too little is also a bad thing. In my own writing, I tend to use too much exposition and I feel at times that that’s true but exposition is just necessary at times to me.
I have read many reviews on t…

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