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My View On Steel Mills

Recently, I visited Arcelor Mittal in Riverdale (which is a mini mill) where my fiancee works. They had an anniversary tour and I went out there to see where he worked because he'd always come home extremely drained and exhausted and from the stories he told me- it was still hard to picture how its like until I went on the tour.

All steel mill workers have to wear their 'greens', carbon X undershirts and pants,  earplugs, helmet, safety glasses, gloves, and whatever other equipment is needed for their specific department. Greens consist of a green coat with green pants that protect you if you catch on fire. We had to wear them to go on the tour. The greens weigh down on you- that's how I felt anyways it was heavy but I felt protected.

We went to visit the caster floor first. It looked like the inside of a space ship- or a control room with the engines and everything, but most importantly with steel cooking. The air was very dry and it was very humid- the heat is equiv…

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