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What Did We Grow Up For?

Why live? What exactly did we grow up for? I have been having some nice conversations with several of my close friends. We grew up in hopes of finding a good job after college right? Or going to a trade school and land a good job at a reputable company. We grew up hoping we'd make enough money to buy things we want and have a family right? 
Did you guys know in the 60's...a man could work a full time job and be able to pay for a house and provide for his family. Nowadays, you need two full time workers to just manage to scrape by to afford a house, car, and start a family. But the downfall is you don't have anyone to take care of the kids or the mother stays home but doesn't get paid for being away from work. 
In this era and world, trying to attempt a normal life is causing people to be pushed to the edge of a cliff. In the good old days, the man would work a full time job and come home and have time to play with his children, hold conversations with his wife but now…

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