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A Little Advice...

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been going through a lot at work and in my personal life so please forgive me. I will definitely try to post more often. 
I just wanted to share some good news with everyone that hasn't heard yet and that is I have finally found my other half. Yes, that other half that I always complained about on here and in my journals that I would never found or I thought I had found but it was only a mistake. I am glad to have met the person I have always ranted about in my journals, who has to be a gentleman, kind, caring, big and open hearted, considerate, smart, and dedicated. That sounds like a fantasized character right? But they are real. They do exist. That is my advice to everyone of you. It all depends on a matter of timing, setting, and meeting the right person there and being prepared yourself. 
I always used to think that true love is something that you have to chase after before it slips out between your fingers. It's a constant chasing g…

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