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Something That Can Never Be Avoided

Something in life that no one can ever seem to avoid is gossip, drama, and the unavoidable judgement of other people regardless of how much a good job one does. Unfortunately, I feel that that is how we all are. Where there are people there will be gossip and drama. It's something that cannot be avoided. 
I have never understood why people liked to gossip so much. What business is it of others when they don't even know the person that well. Why do they choose to talk about people they don't even understand? Why would anyone want to try to hurt someone else with words and spread ill willed rumors? I understand that we may all be nosy and want to join in conversations about other people but what would you retell what you heard in your own twisted way to even more people? Why spread the word? 
What is the benefit of talking about others? What is the purpose of running someone's reputation that you don't know more than a fingernail about? Do you know what is going on …

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