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Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节!

Check out this link for some background info and folklore on this special holiday: 
Chinese History and Folklore about this festival History on Festival
I've always loved this holiday because it is one of the few that has a very heartwarming story behind it unlike other Chinese holidays. You can think of it as a Chinese Valentine's day or a Chinese holiday for being grateful for having a beloved other half in your life. This is the contemporary interpretation of the holiday. Though, it has always symbolized love, romance, and relationships regardless of its history long ago. 
The moon has always been seen as unity and peace. When a full moon arises, everyone believes that families should come together and celebrate the company of each other. Those who are in committed relationships or who are single come together and celebrate the luck of having found their true love. Those who are single offer prayers to the moon and wish for the perfect girl or man to come along soon. Sweet is…

Connections Is Crucial in Finding Jobs Now.

Connections. This is a word I’ve heard more in college rather than high school or elementary. I recall every now and then hearing my mom talk about how ‘connections’ got her an interview or a job when I was growing up but other than that I really never cared about them until ‘connections’ was all you ever heard in college or ‘building your network.’ I certainly don’t think it’s a complete bad thing. You’re friends with these connections and when the time comes and you need a favor then you reach out to them. I am not saying everyone is like that but many do that and it’s irritating and unfair to other people.
I am writing on this topic not because I want to attack people who’ve gotten jobs because of connections in the past but because of things that are going on at work and a friend who also has been talking about this on a regular basis on Facebook. I felt I had an obligation to share my own insight on the matter.
Yes, connections are really important. Yes, building a network is rea…

Remembrance: Fourteenth Anniversary of 9/11

Today marks the fourteenth year anniversary of 9/11. It is always difficult to relive the memories and the experience. It is difficult to be reminded of the pain, the loss, the shock, the suffering, and emptiness that never seem to subside. Let those that left us that day to never be forgotten. Let those that remain to always remember the sacrifices made, lives that were lost, the tragedy and heartbreak experienced. But most of all to never stop believing they are never more than a hand’s length away from you even if you cannot see them with the naked eye. They are watching over you and guarding you with their love and regret. Their only regret being they left the world too soon and left too many words and feelings unsaid. Listen with your heart and memory of them and you’ll find what you seek.
I remember it was in seventh grade when 9/11 happened. Teachers came in pushing TVs. When they turned it on, there was only devastation and tragedy. Many thought it was unreal.
Every new year…

Creative Writing: Fire in The Sky

I don't usually post my poetry or creative works on blogger. However, I saw such a beautifully colored sky today and wanted to share the spur of the moment feels with everyone. My poetry writing skills are horrible. Please forgive me! 

Colors of violet and pink smear the sky, Not a single bird dares to take flight. Not a single bird dares to chirp its morning songs. Only the sounds of Tires, Footsteps, Engines, And music heard through headphones break the silence.
A scar appears in the mix of violet and purple. It opens wider and wider. A patch of blue appears and shows us the mirror to the other side.
We peek through the strange tear and become witnesses. This strange colored sky mirrors peace on our side. Yet mirrors war on a battlefield in a parallel universe. There war rages on, reforms are completed, equality is fought for. The sounds of War drums, War horns, Cries of injustice, Cries of joy, Bells of peace Drone on in the distance as each war comes to an end.

Small Rant On: Donald Trump and My Political View

Most of you know that I don’t really like talking about politics or elections. I do have my opinions and views on politics and how the government runs things and strongly disapprove many of the times. I would have to say my standing on politics and government’s way of governing is more based on Confucianism and Mencius’s way of thinking. Call me too traditional and old schooled but many Asian countries survived for thousands of years under sovereigns. The system worked for so long and if they were willing to change with the tide of society and era, I believe there will still be many countries ruled by kings today.
I have been greatly surprised with the candidates for the 2016 presidential election. There’s businessmen, women, politicians, even a surgeon who are all trying to become president. I personally hate when these elections come and every channel you turn on has these advertisements of politicians attacking each other. It disgusts me to see them attacking each other and that is …

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