Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节!

Check out this link for some background info and folklore on this special holiday: 

I've always loved this holiday because it is one of the few that has a very heartwarming story behind it unlike other Chinese holidays. You can think of it as a Chinese Valentine's day or a Chinese holiday for being grateful for having a beloved other half in your life. This is the contemporary interpretation of the holiday. Though, it has always symbolized love, romance, and relationships regardless of its history long ago. 

The moon has always been seen as unity and peace. When a full moon arises, everyone believes that families should come together and celebrate the company of each other. Those who are in committed relationships or who are single come together and celebrate the luck of having found their true love. Those who are single offer prayers to the moon and wish for the perfect girl or man to come along soon. Sweet isn't it? 

I love making moon cakes because they are so much fun and you can add so many different fillings to your liking that stores don't offer. It depends on if you have the time to make them though. Here's a basic recipe on how to make moon cakes: 

It takes a lot of attention and time to make but I promise you that the results are scrumptious and worth it. The more often you make them the better you get and you can experiment with different fillings. I love doing fruit flavors or salty flavors. Sometimes we make round dumplings with peanut fillings too to express that we are all gathered around a round table with loved ones and value the company. 

There is a really nice saying that is said at this festival which is: 

你中有我,我中有你。It basically means that you will always have me and I will always have you. I really love this saying and this is how I feel towards the guy I like. 

This year I wish that the person I care for will have a smooth life and everything will go as he wants and no obstacles will get in his way. I also hope for him to have the best health and he is well, safe and sound no matter where he goes. I wish for my entire family to be at peace and live in peace with no obstacles and good health and fortune follows them. 

The same goes for all of you! Many wishes to you guys tonight as well! Let things flow naturally and with time everything will fall into place no matter how impossible it seems. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!


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