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Living Your Life

I suddenly thought of this today and wanted to share my thoughts on it. What is the first thing that comes into your head when you think of ‘live your lives’? We say it to everyone who seems to be stuck in a certain place or situation too long and we just say it as a way of encouragement for them to get moving.
However, I feel that as encouraging those words are…everyone is different. Not everyone wants to live an exciting life or a life full of adventure and risks. That does mean those people have not tasted the flavors of life or led boring lives with a lack of color. Every life has its own course and it’s own agenda that is usually decided by our own hands and mentality. Some just want a calm and peaceful life with as little obstacles as possible. Some want a life so full of color and vibrancy and drama that that may be the only way they feel important and above everyone else.
Living your life may be as simple as following your dreams of becoming an artist or a mentor to someone.…

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