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Happy Sixtieth Post: Progress on Life- Lost and Found again

Masami Iwasawa preforming ‘My Song’ This is my life. I wanted to sing like this. This is why I was born. I want to save someone… Just as I was saved. I finally… Finally found it. First of all thank you to all the faithful readers and followers of my blog for so long. I'm really happy and grateful for those who have stuck with me online and in real life for better and worse in order for me to make this blog possible. I've finally reached sixty posts on my blog on this fine fall day. I thought for a long time for what I wanted to make this post about to give it special meaning. But I thought the special meaning is to let all those who read it know how I finally came to a new chapter in life.

I found a piece of me that I thought was lost and found it again with the help of a very dear friend, Rekari. :3. So as I would say to you personally...Arigatou from the bottom of my heart. You may have thought you didn't do much but you did.

Onto the main topic of my post. I felt that…

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