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Etiquette On Tone and Phrasing

Think before you speak. I think that is one of the most important rules in life. This applies to where we go and whoever we speak to that was what my aunt once told me. And to speak only when addressed and needed. 
A lot of you may say that's total bologna and you choose to speak when you wish and as you please. Which is fine when the other person you are talking to does not think you are a douche or an arrogant person who has no basic respect and manners for them. 
We see this a lot now when we make calls to doctors' offices, call centers, or any other facility that you make calls to. The person on the other line tend to answer rudely or in a monotone that just tells you that they hate their job or they easily get irritated when you ask them to repeat some thing. Or it may have just been a stressful day. I understand that sometimes the fault doesn't fall only on one side. You may also be losing your patience and temper the longer something gets to be sorted. However, tha…

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