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A Little Advice...

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been going through a lot at work and in my personal life so please forgive me. I will definitely try to post more often. 
I just wanted to share some good news with everyone that hasn't heard yet and that is I have finally found my other half. Yes, that other half that I always complained about on here and in my journals that I would never found or I thought I had found but it was only a mistake. I am glad to have met the person I have always ranted about in my journals, who has to be a gentleman, kind, caring, big and open hearted, considerate, smart, and dedicated. That sounds like a fantasized character right? But they are real. They do exist. That is my advice to everyone of you. It all depends on a matter of timing, setting, and meeting the right person there and being prepared yourself. 
I always used to think that true love is something that you have to chase after before it slips out between your fingers. It's a constant chasing g…

Reaction to: Presidential Election 2016

A Chinese philosopher in the Ming dynasty once predicted that: "people will invent ships that fly in the sky. a cent a pound of rice no one is around to buy, people will walk around barefooted, streets deserted with no human life."
My aunt used to recite this everyday when she was alive. She said ships in the sky was airplanes and now all that is left to come true is the last three things . Vote for a tyrant to govern a land and there will be slaughter and deportation and even if everything was free .... there is no one who will take it.
I remember we had to read 1984 by George Orwell in high school and to this day it's one of the most influential books in my memory. And I hate to say this but it's starting to come true slowly as well. Big Brother is already upon us. 
You know what... I hate to say this but I kinda foresaw this coming.... no one likes Hilary. We should all know that by now. She has her supporters but there are always going to be haters out there. And wh…

Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Just finished this book a few moments ago. It's definitely a book that I couldn't put down when I picked it up yesterday. It's a fairly easy read being play format and though it lacks was still a heart wrenching and amazing addition to the series. 
I'll be careful to not give any spoilers so those of you who stumble upon this post and have not read the book won't be spoiled. If you were expecting a ton of action and seeing all of your favorite characters back with the same fearlessness and taste for adventure as the previous books then you are mistaken. I feel that that's what many of us were expecting, a type of new beginning or pickup with a brand new arc. 
This book is different, set nineteen years after the battle where the main characters are now all settled with families and careers. It was fascinating to see the transition of what nineteen years can do to these characters we love so much. The book revolves mostly on Harry's youngest son, …

The Purpose Of Marriage Nowadays

I am sorry to say that from what I have witnessed and experienced is that marriage is not spiritual or special in anyway any longer. True love exists and some people do fall in love with their significant other and to them marriage is the most important step in their relationship and will open new adventures and strengthen their shared love for each other until they die. They will accept the flaws and bad habits of the others and not abandon the other under any circumstances. They will try and try until anymore effort is fruitless to save their love. Love is what they prize above everything else and for those who feel that way in their current relationships... I applaud you guys and give my best wishes and prayers.  Back on subject. The purpose of marriage for the majority of people know is only for finical relief. Everyone is now immersed in debts, loans, mortgages, insurance policies, and regular bills. The price of lifestyle is so high now wherever you go that it's impossible f…

Creative Piece: Loved Ones

(This is dedicated to a coworker who passed away recently and also to those who've lost loved ones).

We thought we had all the time in the world to spend with
those we met,
those we connected with,
those who made us laugh and cry,
those that made us furious and happy,
those that we would never want to part with,
those that we would apologize to,
those that we would take back hurtful words and actions for,
those that we shared similar morals with, and
those we loved and cared for.
Sadly, we miscalculated and
the hands of time won't turn back this time.

Fate is a sneaky little beast.
It took you way too soon, way too sudden.
It snuck up behind us and took from us
the very sunlight in our lives,
the very source of our strength and courage,
the advisor of our lives,
the genuine friend from our embraces,
the compass we relied on so heavily,
the bond we valued so much,
the strong wall that we were able to fall back on.
What will we do without you?

We lament,
we curse at the…

When Does A Mother's Protectiveness Cross the Line?

Mothers are such amazing people. They give birth, give their love, give their care, give their best years, give their energy to their children. Although, they may be difficult to understand and drive you nuts their starting point is meant to be well and just somewhere along the line it twisted into something else. 
Mothers are very protective parents and they would do anything to protect their child. Mothers in the animal kingdom would urge their little ones to run while they stayed and fended off the enemy. They would nourish and watch over their little ones with a watchful eye until they became old enough to fend for themselves. It's always heartwarming to watch such great love. Mothers never give up unless you choose to give up on yourself. Say when a baby lynx gets sick or is born too weak to make it through a certain amount of days and the baby lynx chooses to not fight for itself. The mother would choose to abandon them as they serve as a hinder to the family as much as it …

Chicago Is Slowly Dying

News Article:
Chicago is dying. It's dying from violence, from budget cuts for education, for rising taxes, and corruption. It is truly a tragedy to see such a once so vibrant city start to crumble from mistakes, poor decisions, and greed of politicians. 
When I saw the news article on the devastating cuts for CPS new year, I couldn't suppress my anger anymore and chose to write a blog post on this. I am not a mother nor do I have any relatives who go to public schools but I went to public schools up to high school. I remember we would have around 27 or sometimes 30 students in a classroom which is normal. However, it was difficult for the teacher to keep an eye on everyone. People would be doing homework for other classes half the time. I used to do the same and this shows how teachers can't even control that size of a classroom.
If they cut the funds as much as they plan to for the next school year, so…

Fiction Can Be so Frighteningly Real

I came across a Korean drama called: Descendants of The Sun. You can read the summary here: . I am not usually a big fan of Korean dramas. I think they're a bit vague and it's the same story every single time, the topics are the same, and the endings are always so heartbreaking. I just feel Korean dramas rarely have a sweet ending...the ones I come across anyways.

I hate tragic endings and there have been dramas where even the main leads all die. Something is seriously wrong with Korean dramas.

This drama caught my attention because the second couple seemed to have such amazing chemistry on screen. Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myung Joo. They reminded me of me and a coworker that I have intense feelings for. I'll just summarize how their relationship is.

Basically this guy is often so detached and distant to this girl. He is always so cold towards her and then there are moments where he's so warm-hearted towards her. He ca…

In Memory of Harper Lee

US author Harper Lee dies aged 89:

I was running around on errands and pulled out my phone to check something when I saw a BBC breaking news notification and saw that 'Harper Lee dies aged 89'. My brain went blank for several moments at this news. It is always tragic when you learn the death of family members and those you admired, respected, or inspired you. It just feels like something was ripped from your chest and you lost something irreplaceable. Another thought that popped into my head was what is with all the deaths of famous creative people such as: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee to name a few. This is just a random thought that I have right now and that is:  'the older generation passes on their legacy to the younger in hopes that new legacies will rise from the ashes of those gone.' ~Ann. In a depressing point of view, the heavens are cruel to end the lives of these legacies but everyday a new o…

Life and Age

(I chose to use this picture because this is a new series I am watching and because I was just captivated by how amazing the effects and angle this scene was captured at. It shows a sense of age and how age changes a person through the span of forty years supposedly.)
Age is a number. It’s a number we don’t have to think of when asked or when we just want people to know. It’s meaningless. It doesn’t start carrying any weight or meaning until you open your mind and share what your values and mindsets are as a person. It doesn’t start carrying weight until you are aware that younger people than you are going through what you went through months, years, or even decades ago. You’ve been there. You’ve fallen and made mistakes that can’t be reversed and have the experience to teach others and warn them and protect them before they make similar mistakes.
Age also is such a powerful expresser of vitality and the cruelty of time. Life and age are both tightly knotted together and cannot be s…

Reflection On Article: Intermarriage 'major risk factor' in Peterborough child deaths

Original news article: Intermarriage 'major risk factor' in Peterborough child deaths
I came across this article and it's just so tragic to read about. Children are so precious and bright and shouldn't die at such a young age when they've barely gotten to see much of the world yet. Children are suffering because of their parents' actions. The reason of death was due to congenital abnormalities. 
Experts say that it is because of 'culture condition' that these tragedies happen to children. First cousins marrying each other and so on. 
In most Asian cultures, this is a very big deal because they absolutely reject the idea of marriage between first cousins and even if two people are completely unrelated but have the same last name are not allowed to marry each other.  It's a very big deal and you could be disowned for committing such 'disgraceful crimes'. 
I know if we are to look at this from a scientific view then there is a pile of scientif…

Keep Fighting!!!!

"Keep Fighting" has always been a really cliche saying especially in Korean TV dramas. It used to irritate me so much whenever someone said it because it sounded so fake and wrong to me for some reason. However, due to situations in my life right now. I feel that any words of encouragement means so much to me and whether they are cliche or not does not matter. When a person reaches a point in life where they feel as if they're in a corner, any type of warmth, kindness, encouragement is priceless to them. 
Does this mean I'll be saying the phrase 'keep fighting' to everyone for the smallest reasons? No.  I want to go on a little 'Keep Fighting' rant on here for everything that is going on in the world and in everyone's life. 
Keep fighting each day to do your best at school, at work, at your dreams. It doesn't matter if it's something that you don't like to do or am tired of doing. Those things are only temporary and bad days will come…

Reflection on Artist Yuumei's 'Feel and Conquer'

Photo and copyright belongs to: Yuumei
Link to her deviantart post:
I came across this amazing artist's facebook page and then found her on deviantart and she has such an amazing talent and gift in art. I do not know her personally but her artwork called out to me when I first set eyes on her work. It was breathtaking and no words can describe the story behind each piece of work she created. Because of her recent art piece and message included in it, I decided to write this reflection to her piece because her message reminded me of my own life and experiences as well and why I chose a creative field in college. 
I feel that most people who go into the creative field usually suffered some horrible experience in their childhood. It could have been a dysfunctional family, abusive childhood, depression, bullying, or whatever the emotional trauma was. They sought an opening to escape from their reality and m…

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