The Purpose Of Marriage Nowadays

am sorry to say that from what I have witnessed and experienced is that marriage is not spiritual or special in anyway any longer. True love exists and some people do fall in love with their significant other and to them marriage is the most important step in their relationship and will open new adventures and strengthen their shared love for each other until they die. They will accept the flaws and bad habits of the others and not abandon the other under any circumstances. They will try and try until anymore effort is fruitless to save their love. Love is what they prize above everything else and for those who feel that way in their current relationships... I applaud you guys and give my best wishes and prayers. 
Back on subject. The purpose of marriage for the majority of people know is only for finical relief. Everyone is now immersed in debts, loans, mortgages, insurance policies, and regular bills. The price of lifestyle is so high now wherever you go that it's impossible for an average person making say for example $12 dollars/40 hours or less a week to handle. I am within that circle and I can honestly say after rent, bills, debt payments are subtracted from my checks...there is not much left for myself. 

It doesn't matter how much you make because the prices of everything is going up such as housing, food, daily hygiene necessities, and taxes. You will find yourself overwhelmed. I feel that more money someone makes-- the more they cannot resist the urge to splurge such as buying: high end clothes, living in a high end neighborhood, buying things you don't really need.  

Marriage has turned into a type of contract between two people. Where they examine the other's finical background and what can they bring to the table closely before determining if they are the right spouse for them or not. It's a sad truth and many of the times there is no love between them other than business. 

How many of you would marry for finical stability and relief ? How many of you would marry for true love? How many men with good paying jobs would marry someone who makes less than half of what they make ? How about women? Is love more important or money?


  1. Sounds like you've thought this through a lot! Hmm... As you know for me I'm god's little baby! pushed n pulled by the current... I know what you mean though - btw how are you?

    I think marriage is less serious as it used to be it used to be more 'for life' in better or worse situations now it's...more common to divorce. do you think life is speeding up and still going more crazy for 'us' earthlings?

  2. Thanks to share your thoughts about marriage, As for as me, m lil-bit agreed with your theory


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