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Bubbly Bubbly, bubble tea

I love bubble tea. Sometimes it's known as pearl milk tea. I can't recall the last time I had a cup of these but the taste is still reachable if I think about it really hard. This little drink isn't too pricey and the tapioca pearls at the bottom are so chewy and yummy. I think my favorite would have to be the original pearl milk tea (above pic) or the green tea one. 
These little drinks are so yummy during the summer months and can quench your hunger and thirst with a single sip. I could eat those chewy tapioca pearls all day if I wanted to! This drink comes in so many different flavors as well. However, I am loyal to green tea and that'll never change no matter whatever drink I have. You should see the lines at old Chinatown during the summer. The lines lead all the way down the street with people just waiting for a cup of these little babies.

Karma Adds Up

Karma. Not everyone concerns themselves with this word or its true significance. Karma exists in every religion and they all come down to knitting good karma during this life, so you won't carry a heavy burden in your next one.

I believe that karma never goes away. It is like the shackles and chains that bound you to your burden until you cleanse your soul of bad karma that you gathered from past lives. Karma is the shadow that you can never toss  away because it is what defines each and every human being. You can try to ignore it and not attempt amends. However, what would you do if you were unable to find a job, unable to find a true friend, unable to survive in society? All these aspects have to do with karma. It's not a matter of luck or blessing but rather on how you lived your past life. If you were a good moral, good deed person, who always strived to help others and be selfless.

It may sound hard but anything is possible if you put your head to it. I believe that. Kar…

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