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Connections Is Crucial in Finding Jobs Now.

Connections. This is a word I’ve heard more in college rather than high school or elementary. I recall every now and then hearing my mom talk about how ‘connections’ got her an interview or a job when I was growing up but other than that I really never cared about them until ‘connections’ was all you ever heard in college or ‘building your network.’ I certainly don’t think it’s a complete bad thing. You’re friends with these connections and when the time comes and you need a favor then you reach out to them. I am not saying everyone is like that but many do that and it’s irritating and unfair to other people.
I am writing on this topic not because I want to attack people who’ve gotten jobs because of connections in the past but because of things that are going on at work and a friend who also has been talking about this on a regular basis on Facebook. I felt I had an obligation to share my own insight on the matter.
Yes, connections are really important. Yes, building a network is rea…

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