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Let Voices Be Heard In Own Neighborhoods!

Please honor the voices that need to be heard and honor the memory of those who have left us due to violence around the country and outside the country.Remember the children the have all left this world too soon, seniors who’ve left this world before truly enjoying the happiness of family, young adults and teens who’d been robbed of their life due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time and meeting the wrong people.
Whenever you turn on the news, the radio, all you can hear is: ‘gunshots were fired last night in a neighborhood and there were x amount of casualties or they are in critical conditions’.It sickens me to hear this again and again each day. There is no getting better only getting worse in the major cities especially Chicago. I feel there is only so much that the government can do. When the government states that they will start up these certain events and gatherings to encourage and educate communities to watch out for each other, it can only work so far and help so…

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