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Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节!

Check out this link for some background info and folklore on this special holiday: 
Chinese History and Folklore about this festival History on Festival
I've always loved this holiday because it is one of the few that has a very heartwarming story behind it unlike other Chinese holidays. You can think of it as a Chinese Valentine's day or a Chinese holiday for being grateful for having a beloved other half in your life. This is the contemporary interpretation of the holiday. Though, it has always symbolized love, romance, and relationships regardless of its history long ago. 
The moon has always been seen as unity and peace. When a full moon arises, everyone believes that families should come together and celebrate the company of each other. Those who are in committed relationships or who are single come together and celebrate the luck of having found their true love. Those who are single offer prayers to the moon and wish for the perfect girl or man to come along soon. Sweet is…

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