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Chicago Is Slowly Dying

News Article:
Chicago is dying. It's dying from violence, from budget cuts for education, for rising taxes, and corruption. It is truly a tragedy to see such a once so vibrant city start to crumble from mistakes, poor decisions, and greed of politicians. 
When I saw the news article on the devastating cuts for CPS new year, I couldn't suppress my anger anymore and chose to write a blog post on this. I am not a mother nor do I have any relatives who go to public schools but I went to public schools up to high school. I remember we would have around 27 or sometimes 30 students in a classroom which is normal. However, it was difficult for the teacher to keep an eye on everyone. People would be doing homework for other classes half the time. I used to do the same and this shows how teachers can't even control that size of a classroom.
If they cut the funds as much as they plan to for the next school year, so…

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