Chicago Is Slowly Dying

Chicago is dying. It's dying from violence, from budget cuts for education, for rising taxes, and corruption. It is truly a tragedy to see such a once so vibrant city start to crumble from mistakes, poor decisions, and greed of politicians. 

When I saw the news article on the devastating cuts for CPS new year, I couldn't suppress my anger anymore and chose to write a blog post on this. I am not a mother nor do I have any relatives who go to public schools but I went to public schools up to high school. I remember we would have around 27 or sometimes 30 students in a classroom which is normal. However, it was difficult for the teacher to keep an eye on everyone. People would be doing homework for other classes half the time. I used to do the same and this shows how teachers can't even control that size of a classroom.

If they cut the funds as much as they plan to for the next school year, so that classrooms will double in size, classes will be combined and non-core classes will be cut down then it's hurting no one but the students. A classroom with possibly 48 students is impossible to manage for high school teachers unless they plan to put student teachers in every class that is doubled in size. These are high schoolers. High schoolers are just teenagers who have huge egos, little to no self-control, self-awareness, or maturity. No offense to anyone but that's what I'd see and experienced going to public schools. There will always be class clowns and students that cause trouble and that will disrupt everyone else. And with everyone relying on smartphones so heavily nowadays, it is the biggest distraction in a classroom. 

Moreover, the bigger size a classroom is the harder is it reach out to every student unless students take the initiative to approach the teacher and not everyone is comfortable doing that.  

My second point is cutting down on non-core classes is a big mistake because many students have a huge passion for the arts and to cut down on those classes is like taking away their life. I studied creative writing in school and I loved my creative writing class during my senior year of high school. It was the most enjoyable class in all my four years of high school. 

I hate how the funds never make its way down to the schools. It always gets distributed among those above them. That's what makes me sick and hate politics the most. How can you strip students of their future and hope because of your own greed? That is something I don't think I will ever understand. 


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