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The Difference In Times

Generation is such a powerful word. It divides not only a family into sections but also divides morals, values, and culture. It is so frightening and surreal for everyone. The gap between each generation runs far deeper and has a far  greater effect on the human mind that we thought. Recently, I had a very insightful conversation with an old friend about how much times have changed now compared to back in our childhood days. This shows us how frightening technology can be, how culture, war, and politics can shift and change and shape an entire generation. 
The thing that has impacted many of generations the most has been the evolution of technology. I remember when I was young-- television, radios, Walkmans, and cassette players were such a huge thing. It was fun to just sit by a radio at dinner time with your parents and listen to the news or stories that were told over the radio. It was something you could share and do together as a family. You would enjoy a good soap opera on tele…

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