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Fashion: Typical girlish obsessions

Today I went to wood field mall with my mother, aunt, and cousin. I seriously needed a new coat and my main goal in saying that I would go was to buy one! My cousin's goal was to buy UGG boots. However, we walked through some of the stores and couldn't find anything suitable. In my cousin's case, the UGG boots were in the $155 range which was a serious number. She did manage to find the boots, they didn't have the right size. I couldn't find a good coat for the winter. Coats are like almost extinct.

We went to Forever 21 and finally found something that was worth buying. Gotta love this place! Some jeans are only $10.80! Where can you find prices like that?! We also found some nice basic Camis for $2.80!!!!!

However, the piece of clothing that caught my attention was this flowery patterned dress. Flower designs printed on navy blue fabric. All finished with a thin brown belt at the waist. These types of clothing reminds me of the 70s and 80s. Where wearing flowery …

Coffee Talk: What Advice Would You Give Your 23-Year-Old Self?

Coffee Talk: What Advice Would You Give Your 23-Year-Old Self?
Stop being so indecisive !!!!
I just turned 24 like a month and a half ago. The questions you asked are some things I have been asking myself since I was 14. I had to grow up fast, and my mother challenged me to think ahead a lot. 23 was an age where I was struggling to keep myself from drowning. I had so many degree changes in college because I wanted to get a job as soon as I was done with school; however, I realized the answer was always right in front of me. I had a gift since I was a child for writing and reading so why deny it? Because English majors have a hard time finding jobs? However, I decided to buckle down and do it because it's my passion and despite my fear of speaking in from of others, I planned to go into PR or college teaching. So, 23 was a time of indecisiveness and hunt for my true self and goal.
What about you guys? What advice would you give your 23 year old self?
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