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Writers are Degrading Themselves

As a writer, I am sometimes sickened by how much writers are willing to degrade their work to satisfy their agents, publishers, and audiences. This is one of reasons I am very reluctant to let others see my work because I don't want to hear that I should change this or that. I feel it it's grammatical things have to correct it's fine but not when it's uprooting a mass apart of the plot or a scene or a character. Because we as writers put so much effort, time, creativity into creating a story, and it gets dissected and analyzed by readers and agents and if they don't like it then it doesn't sell or worse, doesn't get published. That's a really cruel way to shoot down someone's work they've worked on for years. But you're supposed to get used to that right? Endless piles of rejection letters before someone says yes. There is always the option of self-publishing but if readers don't like your book, you still don't have any audiences. 

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