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Human Emotions Cause Us to Lose Ourselves

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+Mallika Padhi
(She has an amazing blog and really meaningful writing. Please check her out) 
In previous posts, I have mentioned how human emotions can drive us to actions that we usually wouldn't do if emotions didn't play such a strong part in the process. Emotions can cause us to take risks and lay high stakes for ourselves that we usually wouldn't be willing to attempt or do. Ambitions drive us to disregard what happens to those around us whether we know them or not. Personal gain turns us into selfish people. Hate turns us into a negative and stubborn person with a narrow mind and view on everything. Jealousy drives us to do dangerous things that can harm others. Love can be so beautiful and yet so frightening at the same time causing people to become too dedicated or devoted and blinded by that passion. Pain and loss strikes up reven…

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