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Your Name Says A Lot About You

What is in the meaning behind any name? Whether it be Bob, Mary, or Jacob. Is there a special meaning behind those names? Of course there is. Names are chosen and given with the high hopes and dreams of the parents. They want their children to exceed what they couldn't, to be someone who makes an impact, to have more education than themselves, to be successful where they couldn't be, and to make a difference.

Names are given to us yet what we choose to do is up to us. Whether if we choose to live up the name we are given or make wise decisions to shape our lives the right way is up to us. We could have the most prestige and honorable name that a great king or famous person once had but if we make poor decisions or if our upbringing experiences are terrible then it should be up to us to come out stronger and a better person than our past.

Our names map our lives, our decisions shape how that map turns out. Whatever we do...we do it to ourselves.

In asian cultures, names have m…

Why Are Certain Workplaces So Toxic?

Workplaces are the same as a chessboard. All the pieces have their roles and are replaceable by some other piece. There are some pieces in chess that are prized more than others and some pieces that are used as scapegoats. A chessboard can be compared to a mini map of two people's lives. A chessboard can also be used to compare it to a work environment. There are the popular people that are always together, theres' always the mid crowd which are the crowd that can slide either way. Then there is the bottom half which are the not popular ones or the ones that the top group sees as not a threat and can be erased. 
Pawn will eat pawn. Rook will eat pawn, rook will eat rook, knights can take on pawns and rooks, bishops will smother everything under its rank, and then all that is left is the king and queen to battle to the very end. That is the most basic pyramid of it not?

Many people ask 'why?' Why must there be dividers between these group of people in soc…

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