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Fortune Cookies

I haven't been able to be freed of my woes yet. However, I've come to a certain level of peace with myself. What's meant to be yours will be yours regardless of any hardships that may come. It will come back one day to the palm of your hand. My aunt once told me that a fruit you take by force from it's vine will be bitter and never sweet. In short my interpretation is when you force things to go your way or be yours will turn out badly. Everyone will be in pain and you're forcing your happiness on someone else's pain. I don't wish of that of those I love and care for. If anything that's the one thing, I understand well when I was growing up and going through experiences. 
I always loved opening fortune cookies. When a child hears 'fortune cookie', they usually think maybe it's a magical cookie that can foretell your fortune. When an adult hears it, I usually hope there is a sentence of encouragement or a sign that will give me an answer to …

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