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My Thankfulness For This Year

I must apologize at how late my Thanksgiving post is this time. I ran out of data on my internet at home and didn't feel like typing it up on my phone. This is better late than never because we should be thankful each and every day of our lives, right? 
I am most thankful this year for several people being in my life even if they are not thankful or grateful for me being in their lives. It doesn't matter to me even if its only one-sided. I am first most thankful and grateful for having such an amazing lady as my Aunt Ho Heung Lee. She is one amazing woman who raised me in my mother's place since I was very young. She taught me the morals she learned throughout her life. She was a very selfless woman and I can confidently say that if there was no her then there is no Ann today. Who knows how I would have turned out or where I would end up? I am forever in her debt and I have no idea how to thank her now that she is no longer with us. 
I am most thankful for E.V.  I once pr…

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